Amsterdam Half

Anyone doing this?


  • I'd be tempted! When is it?

    I went to Amsterdam a month ago and loved it, any excuse to go back...
  • Scotty4Scotty4 ✭✭✭
    20th October. Entries due in by 10th Sept.

    I'm not doing it but am considering the full marathon for next year.

    Good luck
  • if anyone from sa is doing the marathon or half as i am doing a travel feature fro runners world in s is a great city.some parts of the route a a little desolate.
  • OK, i've thrown caution to the wind this just now. I have entered the Amsterdam Half Marathon online. (online enteries have been extended to 17:00 today). All i got to now is find a cheap flight and accomdation for the trip (Fri 18th to Sun 20th). EASY !!!(in my dreams....might end up with nowhere to stay)
  • In the true spirit of adventure, I am leaving my choice of full or half until I actually turn up and decide whether my training warrants trying the full one. No doubt when I stand at the late entries desk, I'll go for the full. I did the half a few years ago and it was spot on. I believe that it now starts and finishes in the stadium as opposed to just outside, which should be great, and it has all the facitlties you'd expect. It is weel organised, and of course flat. There are some desolate places, but some really good bits too. I only booked my accommodation yesterday without any bother, try typing cheap hotels amsterdam into google, I think I used the site. Booked on line, conformed within minutes and even rung up by the hotel, wonderful service.
  • marathon course diffrent from a few years ago.consists of an 8km and 33 km loop.promises to be a great week end of running and fun.
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