Tiger/leopard print lycra

Hi y'all,

Several of my company staff and I are running in the Brighton Reebok 10k and we're sponsoring the Wildlife Heritage Foundation in Kent. They are a conservation sanctuary for large cats.

I'm wondering whether anyone knows how to get hold of tiger or leopard print running tights/tops? Or if you're a supplier of gear whether you could provide and sponsor us/the charity with some gear...



  • Buy some lycra from a Dance shop / Haberdashery and get a local dressmaker to make some up.

  • [tries to look uninterested]
  • this one should degenerate nicely
  • <wanders in and sits on the sofa next to Jj with some pringles>
  • I was going to suggest skinning JJ, but guess that's not entirely compatible with conservation and JJ may not appreciate it either ...
  • Cats Protection League tune in to see how this one develops...

    Jj - it only takes one phone call if you feel threatened ;o)
  • [looks up at Kanga in a betrayed and hurt sort of way]
  • So I can see there's a market for these things ;) now we just need someone to provide... maybe I shall phone some suppliers and report back...

  • ...and KKD, I thought all the haberdashers had been run out of business by tesco- you have one near you? :-P
  • If I knew where to get hold of leopard or tiger skin fabric, I wouldn't admit it in public.

    When we were looking to buy our house, we viewed another one that was decorated entirely in animal prints, so you must be able to get it from somewhere!
  • Tiger, Leopard, Zebra etc., look online at

    The kit is good & I ran Medoc Marathon in one of the outfits. The people are really helpful and reply online fairly promptly.

    They will also do specials, i.e.hats etc. If you need any more info then email me.
  • ...so are you saying you do know how to get hold of it Carmen? *hush hush*
  • Mustava Banana, you're a genius :) Thx a banana bunch.
  • Dayglo, I run a bridal design busines so if you're stuck finding suitable fabric, give me a shout. Although I've never come across technical leopard print fabric yet!! ;-)
  • KKD, you could start a new trend in tiger-print bridal gowns, errr or on second thoughts...

    thx for the offer :)
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