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Hello fellow runners
I am new to the forum and hope you will forgive stupid questions?

I have been jogging/running on and off for a couple of years and have entered the Cardiff half marathon taking place on 15th October. I have had some weeks off running because of niggling injuries, seem okay now and ran Swansea Bay 10k last weekend in a time of 64 minutes (slow for most but best of 3 10K's for me)!
The longest run I have done in training or race is about 11K and I hope to do a run of about 12K tomorrow. For the last couple of weeks I have done two shorter runs in the week (about 8K) and a bit of swimming / cross training in the gym. I would really appreciate advice about whether to go for the half marathon in two weeks time and the best training to do in the next two weeks?


  • I did type a reply to your note on the Inspire thread, but in response to your questions here...I can only tell you what I've done as I am certainly no pro but hopefully it might help?

    I ran a 10k in 67mins in Oct 04. I ran a bit over the winter on/off, then entered the GNR in Oct 05. I started 'proper' training around Easter time and was doing a 6mile run and two 2.5mile runs each week. I changed job three weeks before the race and was travelling 2hrs each way making it hard to find time to run, so I didn't! I still did the GNR though. I ran/walked it in 2hrs 55mins and was by no means slowest. Yes, I would have done so much better with more preparation but I had a great day and it has made me much more determind this year to train properly and beat my time (although my longest run so far is still only 8.5miles). I'm aiming for 2hrs 40 tomorrow - fingers crossed!

    What I'm trying to say is that your 64mins 10k is pretty good. If you're happy to take it easy and you're not after a 'racing time' I would definitely still go to Cardiff. I'm sure you'll enjoy it and it will be a great experience and help in your preparations should you decide to run another at a later date.

    Go for it! And let us all at Inspire know how you got on.

    Good luck.
  • Sorry, I meant to say as well in terms of training, I would go for one long run this weekend a slow 8miles or so, one shorter faster run say 3miles and a 3-5mile run with a hill in the week. Then next week I would do the long run on the weekend, something more gentle and shorter on Tues/Weds and again on Weds/Thurs then relax Friday and Saturday.
  • Oh, and think how proud your children will be when you go over that line!
  • Thanks Pegg - just read your response in the INSPIRED thread as well. Thanks for the advice on training. I'll try 8 miles tomorrow and see how I get on.I don't know why I didn't join in months ago.
    Good luck tomorrow, I'll try to catch up with forums on Monday.
  • i ran the swansea 10k in 68 minutes and i was quite chuffed i didnt drop down and die on the promenade! Im doing the cardiff half as well and its my first half marathon as iv only been running since march.

    I just really want to enjoy it and start building up my speed after christmas, i dont think there is any shame in running a lil bit slower- we are all running the same distance!!

    I did a slow 10 miler on sat and going to try for 8 this sat coming- see you in cardiff- it'll be fabulous!!!
  • I think there is a load of you in the same boat. Maybe meet up at the start to encourage each other around?

    Best of luck to all of you.
    I shall be the pirate larking about.
  • Thanks Matila - I will be happy and proud to get round Cardiff in one piece!

    Well done on your 10K - what an achievement!

    Not sure if meeting up with other forumites is a possibility?

    I haven't deceide on travel arrangements yet - depends on whether family have things on or not!

    I had a swim this morning after an 8 mile run yesterday - so feeling good (apart from a stiff neck as a result of my 7 year old needing a high perch to watch a Pirate Ship battle last night!)

  • thanks mww.

    tri taffia- you'll be the pirate overtaking me!!
  • LOL Maltilda!
    I got man flu so don't feel racing snake at the mo. So may pace some other formites and friends around.

    Also I think a lot of us are meeting up AFTER if you need a drink, talk etc.
  • i need a drink/talk/cry just THINKING about cardiff, i cant even face shopping in cardiff at the mo at thats my other fave sport!
  • C'mon ladies (not you TT)- positive thinking! You'll all be fine, don't panic over the times, just enjoy the race.

    TT - you've got 2 wks to shift the flu, easy. Just don't pass it on.
  • its man-flu

    should he be booking the pall bearers??
  • Its alright daz im booking a piggy back of you!

    Defo NOT man flu. I got numb hands...bit worried about that.
  • TT - carrying you and trying to avoid a kick up the arse from Mrs S, I'm going to have a busy day.

    Not carrying you for my 2 laps though!!
  • True there is that BUT I beat her at arm wrestling and only need a life for 1/2 a lap.
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