Feeling fat and cr*p!

Here goes:
Returning to running after a two year break (young kids, work etc etc) and have started back in training currently clocking up 17 miles a week. I'm 6'2" and weigh 16 and a half stone, trying to loose weight but failing miserably (4lbs in three weeks depsite diet). I desperately want to get back to my good times when I could run a marathon in 3:42 (2004) but feel like an aerodynamic slug. At the risk of sounding pathetic- Now 40 and feeling generally cr*p and like a zeppelin despite my new running regime - where am I going wrong? or am I being too impatient?


  • You are being impatient Bill

    You have run before so you know it takes a while to get fit.

    Keep at it and you will get fitter and a 6ft 2 I would have though 16 stone isnt massivly overweight, the less you have to lose the harder it it.

    Stick with it.And welcome back to running.
  • Hi Bill
    Don't forget that muscle weighs more than fat so you'll find your body shape will change faster than the scales ;o)
    Try measuring your waist, chest, thighs etcc and monitor those more than your actual weight.
    Welcome back, forget the times for now - and don't forget to enjoy yourself!
  • 4lb in three weeks is a good steady rate!
    Dont look at the big picture.. focus on smaller goals.. like your first half stone

    Same with your running - set yourself smaller targets

    That way you'll keep motivated and I bet you'll be amazed how quick you start enjoying your running and being in better shape

    You've done something you ought to be cheshire cat grinning about - got your trainers back on and out the door!!

    Well done.. small goals - you'll get there
  • 4lb in three weeks. That's about right. Any more and you're most likely losing fluid, not fat. You didn't get into your current shape overnight, so you won't lose it overnight either.

    You think 4lb isn't much? Hold two bags of sugar in your hands - that's how much 4lb weighs :-)

    Stick with it. You'll reap the benefits.
  • Bill S: well done getting back out there.

    Like the others have said 4lb is a good steady loss. We all know it takes a lot longer to lose it than gain it :-( but you are less likely to put it back on if you lose it steadily!

    Just enjoy your runs, eat well and your weight will take care of itself.

    Good Luck :-)
  • What a nice bunch of people out there! thinking about it - yes I am being impatient (thanks night nurse) and I will persevere - thank you all very very much for cheering us up . The scales are being relegate to the cupboard for the time being. with regards to diet I am on "slimming world" because i eat like a horse and managed to get down to 13 stone last time. at the mo I'm just going to carry on enjoying my running- I WILL get there!
  • Good advice Johnny J all the best runners are over 40 anyway!!
  • Bill,

    Focus on trying to lose weight...and all you will see is the weight you have to lose ahead of you, in itself not a very inspiring vision..

    Instead, try focus on enjoying life - walks in the autum air, running for the fun of it (even if you only get out for 10mins sometimes), fun with family and friends, yummy wholesome food, the joys of relaxed moment to moment living just with the knowledge that you will acheive your goals.....

    and you will get there!! Have faith x
  • Bill

    Know what you mean. Out for 4 months and have handles now. Started back last mon, gon efrom 60M a week to 12 with 18 this week coming. Lungs and legs feel like lead. Lost 1lb last week, the targets dont come quick enuf. keep on grumbling its the only way to stay focussed!!

    remember its your right to moan, if you dont use it you lose it!!!
  • Nothing like a good run to clear the blues! went out with my son in his babyjogger for a five miler- he had great fun saying "ta-ta" to people as we shot past. Quads are a bit achey now but I'm already planning tomorrows run (minus child,plus dog)
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