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Hi all!

Could really use your help! My friend and I are intending to run the London Marathon. We've never run this one in particular before.

On the application form I stated in the area asking for predicted finishing time an estimate which would be a championship time - though I have not entered officially as a championship time runner as I have no written record proof of it.

My friend didn't state anything in that area. Our concern is whether we will still be allocated the same start point. I am aware that for different runners of different ability, a different start point is allocated, certainly if for example you entered with a proven championship time.

Does anyone know the chances that the organisers would put me with the championship runners (separate from my friend) to promote efficiency despite my time wasn't proven. This is my concern as we'd like to start together regardless. I wouldn't mind starting with the regular runners.

Thanks a lot everyone!


  • Dunno.

    To be honest - the chances of you both getting in are pretty low, so its probably not worth worrying about yet. I doubt they'd put you on the championship start just because thats what time you put.

    We'll have abouit a million threads all asking the same thing nearer the day.

    Options are to sneak in from one start to the other, may work or may not. Or arrange to meet further down the course.
  • Hi,

    Thanks for your time. We hope to gaurantee an entry if not through the ballot, through the charity places, so that's not much of a worry.

  • If you get charity places you will be on the red start.

    Just, whatever starts you are put on, both go to the red start and start from there. No-one will bother you about it.
  • Thanks a lot, that's really interesting to know. Anymore information from anyone would be highly appreciated.
  • I would say if you put down a fast estimated finish time they'll put you at the front of the blue start and your friend might well be on the red start if you both get in through the ballot, or you'll be on the red start (in one of the front pens) and your friend will be in one of the red start back pens if you get a charity place. You could be anywhere except green really!

    I always start from green so don't know what the scenario is at red or blue starts, but at green you have to have the correct colour on your number or they won't let you into the start area. Not sure how fast your friend is likely to be running but can't personally understand why you'd want to run a slower time with your chum than run a fast time on your own... horses for course I suppose!
  • My sister and I are both running for charity and have btoh predicted a time of 5 hours for the event. I have been allocated a red start and she has been allocated a blue start - does anyone know how strict the stewards are about changing colour areas on the day??
  • Judith, if you are both running for a charity on a bond place then you will both be starting from the red start as this is the charaty only start
  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭
    It has been known Dave for ballot place runners on the blue start  to cynically use their marathon to raise money for Charities. The sooner it's stamped out the better.
  • Mr Puffy wrote (see)
    It has been known Dave for ballot place runners on the blue start  to cynically use their marathon to raise money for Charities. The sooner it's stamped out the better.
    I don't normally find this type of sarcasm amusing,today however I will make an exception.image
  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭
    I didn't mean to sound too sarcastic, Dave is well known for his opinions on celebrity runners etc but I think he does love the LM.
  • How do I find out which start I am on? I have my number and I got an entry as I held it over from last year due to injury, does that make a difference?
  • Page 37 of the acceptance mag that's arriving now lists what numbers start where.
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