Creatine..usefull or not?

Hi, this is the first time that i have posted on this forum and would like to know if there are any benefits of taking a creatine suppliment and if not is there any other suppliments that will help with things like energy and recovery time......



  • Kyle, the only things that will help with "energy" and "recovery time" are a progressive increase in training, enough rest, and a good carbohydrate-rich diet. Everything else is, at best, small print, and at worst, positively harmful.

    Creatine has no benefits for long-distance runners, though it may be of marginal help in very short distance sprints.
  • thanks for your need to bother with that then
  • it's a useful energy source in explosive events as weight lifting, rugby etc but is generally of no use - as Vrap says - for endurance events........

    it can help bulk up muscle mass and may have some benefits in muscle recovery but it's pretty marginal whether you'll get anything more form using creatine supplement than a good healthy diet can offer.....
  • Energy drinks and gels are largely a personnel preference and are by and large the same, though some people are starting to use the high5 4:1 carb:protein mix with positive results.

    For recovery try to consume some carbs within 30 mins after excercise. You can buy special recovery drinks(rego) or just a regular energy drink some people have been known to use slimfast(contains the right amount of carbs and proteins apparently). My favorite is a homemade choc and bannana milkshake with hot choclate powder and marvel dried milk which also containd the right amount of carbs/protein.

    have a look round this site for some tips
  • Thanks, that site is basically as long as you are eating a healthy diet and taking extra vitamins and minerals there really isnt anything else that you need? about the enrgy bars and drinks, is there any place that you can buy in bulk?
  • you don't really need extra vits if your diet is varied and healthy....

    fuelsport allows you to buy in bulk - as do most of the main brand websites (SiS, Hi5 etc)
  • I have tried Creatine and cannot say I noticed any effect, surely if it does enhance your performance it would be banned?

    But the supplement that definitely helps me is Iron, I would recommend it to anyone, just the cheap stuff nothing fancy! Any sort of hard training is hard on your red blood cells apparently!

  • I use creatine in my protein shakes and find it very useful. I workout in the gym quite a bit so I guess I'm not your typical runner in build, but I find that using these supps help maintain muscle mass which can be jeopardised when undertaking long steady cardio work.  I guess for out and out runners it'll have little benefit, but for some of us it's very useful. 

  • Creatin is more aimed at body builders than distance runners. 

    If you want a recovery product, then you would be better off selecting one specific to runners such as REGO. 

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