UK Gear shoes

Last Saturday I have seen this report about a pretty new shoe manufactorer, UK Gear. It was quite cool, and I have checked their website as well. All their shoes are presented there, the ones used by our army as well. I might buy a pair of them in their online shop. Has anyone got experience with the UK Gear shoes? Any advise which ones are the best for running?


  • was about to ask exactly the same

    for both my own use and for work
    i asked a much more experienced pod than myself about shoes and he was raving about them
    he likes the rocker bottom on them
    says it is more important than the solid section used in motion control shoes

    anyone actually worn a pair?

  • boing

    am going to keep boinging until someone replies


  • does the reply have to be relevant?
  • yes it does
    this is "gear" you know

  • i got all excited then
  • boing

    come on

    someone must have tried them

  • do they sell them at JJB?

  • aren’t they just Silver Shadow in disguise
  • i don't know TBL
    what would that mean if they were?

    (no M1 they don't!!)
  • do they do them in pretty colours?
  • no

    white and grey

  • i have just googled them and they look pretty good ....

    i'm in need of some new shoes...!!!!
  • oh good grief

    has nobody on this forum tried these shoes?
  • Lurker the Guinea Pig
  • well i might just have to do that

    is a bit of an expensive experiment though
    i usually get discount at running shoe shops

  • I would be interested to know what they are like as well, looked at them a couple of times but can't find anyone that has worn them so don't wont to take a gabble on them. I can tell you though the last person to come out of basic training for the army, and the last time I was issued trainers [about 4 years ago] they where still the old silver shadows.
  • Well Lurks, these have been around for a couple of years now and I have yet to see a single person wearing them.

    I think you are going to have a long search to find someone.
  • lurker i have a plan

    it involes -

    damo (from the tri shop)
    you in your best dress
    and lots of flirting (with damo) from both of us.

  • not sure that would work M1


    i am going to take the plunge then

  • if you do i will

    human Guinness pigs...
  • boing

    you never know
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