Sports Physio North West

Can anyone recommend a Physiotherapist in (or around) Blackburn in Lancashire.

Persistent foot problems that I need to get sorted.


  • Sorry, this is a bit further North but Dave Cole at the sports science department, St Martins College, Lancaster is excellent. I;ve been to him myself and recommended 3 other people (runners) to him and they've all been very happy. He asks what you want to achieve and suggests ways of getting there rather than saying 'stop running' - which none of us wants to hear!
    It's also cheap, £25 per consultation from memory, perhaps because he's part of the college rather than private practice.
  • Hi Tony, also not in your area but Back In Action in Wakefield is really worth the trip, the main guy's the physio for the England rugby team and knows his stuff. Not bad price either, £24/session and really friendly. between him and his podiatrist I ran london after achilles tendonitis...
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Hi Tony,

    I found my physio in the Thomson Local and went for one who is a member of The Organisation of Chartered Physiotherapists in Private practice. They have a website at
    She sorted my old hip and knee problems out with one visit (which cost £30) and gave me lots of exercises to do which have helped enormously.
    Good luck
  • Thanks everyone for the input. I think I'll give Dave Cole and Lancaster a ring as its near home.

    All the best everybody

  • Tony,

    I can recommend someone near Ormskirk if that is any use to you.

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