I've just bought a pink 4GB iPod Nano ('cos it's pink!). I'd totally forgotten all about this Nike+ hype until I was playing with the nano and came across the screen.

The main question I really need to use Nike shoes?? If not, then how can I attach the gadget bit to my Asics??

The other question it any good? I know it's only another £20 and I've already spent the £129 for the iPod. but is it really worth it? I've been thinking about a Garmin, but is this thing accurate for milage?

Love the Nano, by the way, just can't stop downloading tracks. I was always concious of filling up the shuffle, but with this thing......


  • no u dont need the nike+ shoes...go to that well know auction site and put in istrap......will take u ones for sale and show u how to use them....or just go to cant remember which as chips to buy
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