Calling all VW Beetle Owners in the North West

This is very short notice but I'm trying to locate a VW Beetle for Tuesday the 10th Oct.

It's needed for a Docu-drama commisioned by BBC4 about A Wainwright who wrote books about the fells.

It will be needed in the Lakes - Keswick/Kendal area.

We can pay expenses and put you up in accomodation if needed.

Any questions please add to the thread or e-mail me.

Any help greatfully appreciate.



  • Good luck sweetie, hope it works out ok:-)
  • Thanks hon

    They have asked me to help at the last minute - so if I do find one it's a major thing :-D
  • There must be a VW owners club that might be able to help you....I'll have a quick google.
  • The Northern Beetle Owners Club might be your best

    Good luck!
  • Didn't think Alf ever learnt how to drive ?
  • Mine's a bit young unfortunately it's a '72, if you wanted to use it you're more than welcome. I'm based in Brum so getting it there may need a trailer, it runs fine but I'd prefer not to lump so many miles on it.
  • So have you found one in the meantime, j*j*j?
  • Thanks for all your suggestions guys,

    We found a car this evening - so all is good :-D

    Many thanks for the offer Symes - I'll add you to my contact list for future shoots ;-)
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