Drinking in Dublin

No, not the black stuff but the stuff on offer during the marathon. Anyone know what's on offer (other than water)?

Whatever it is, I'm keen to introduce it into my training runs while there's still time to get used to it.




  • I did Dublin in 2000 but I don't remember there being anything but water. Then again I used liquid power gel so I was not particularly looking for anything.
    The weather was also so terrible nobody needed much.
    Good luck.
  • Thanks. It looks like I'm going to have to investigate gels more closely.

    Apart from providing carbohydrates, do they provide electrolyte replacement (sodium etc.)?

  • If it helps I find the High 5 energy gels the easiest to use but the Power Bars energy gels taste ok. Don't expect for Strawberry gel to taste like Strawberries & the same for the rest of the flavour's.
  • I've done the last three Dublin's and in 1999 there was water only - in 2000 they promised that there'd be sports drink (Lucozade) at some of the drink stations (every 2nd one) and there was none. They promised the same last year and delivered. I assume that it'll be the same as last year this year. The water is usually in little bottles which are much easier to drink from than cups.
  • So Tim, guess you are in for Dublin as well in October..is this your first marathon (like me) or are you well seasoned already?
  • First time for me. Somewhat apprehensive but looking forward to it nonetheless.

    I've got the Glasgow 1/2M on the 8th of September which should help to give me a ballpark figure to play with regarding time.

    Got any projections for your own time or are you just going out to enjoy your first marathon?

  • Hi Mick,

    Pleased to hear about the water bottles. I came across them for the first time in Glasgow last year and I think they make drinking much much easier.


  • Well, based on my 18 mile time this morning of 2.49 I should (according to Merv's running calculator!) be up for around 4.13. This morning I felt pretty good actually but you never know on the day...I try to maintain publically that time isnt important but in relaity I dont think you would be going down this avenue unless you set yourself targets...so in a round about what I am saying is that I would be very satisifed to be inside 4.22 but over the moon at a sub 4.15 time!
  • I've yet to run quite that far but I'm managing consistent 9 min/miles on my long runs so who know, I might dip under 4hr but I'm wary of setting myself a target (and then feeling a failure if I fail to acheive it). I've been caught out by race time calculators before. I don't think they have a big enough "fudge factor" built in for a runner like me. ;-)

  • Tim, Yep,I agree re the calcs actually. I did a half marathon at the beginning of the year in 1.57 whicj I was pretty pleased about as was spot on 9min mile all the way round..according to the running calcs I should be on for a 4.08 marathon...this is I guess achievable (thoretically based on my 18 miler) but there is no way that I can do a 25.21 5k. But the 10 mile time it predicts is a minute slower than I've run in non-race environment. Anyway doing GSR on Sunday so will be interesting to see how this one turns out!
  • Ditto! I'll be wearing 2182. How about you?

    Who knows, we might spot each other.

  • 5237 for me..have you seen the GSR threads on here...? By the way have you tried to buy any merchandise off the Dublin marathon site...been waiting about 6weeks now for delivery...have you seen any more infor from them recently re the race?
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