Car hire question

Here's a serious question from me for a change:
In the summer, I rented a car, and while I had it, the windscreen cracked. I took it back to the company right away, and they said "it's fine to drive round like that, we won't replace it". I continued to drive the car for another month.
I returned home, and noticed on my credit card statement, that they've taken out $270 last week, without any word to me. I emailed them, and they said "you broke it, you're liable for the damage. It had to be replaced to pass it safety test".

What do you think? Are they within their rights or should I call the credit card company and tell them it's been taken without my permission?


  • Hmmm - I had a hire car with work once and on day one a stone chip hit the screen and there was a small crack. But by the end of the week it had grown and clearly the whole screen needed replacing.
    So its possible that the crack was fine when you left it, but did get bigger after. (although a month would probably have done that anyway).

    You probably are liable for the damage - did you take out any cover with them ?
  • no, the crack was huge when I was there..but they said it didn't need replacing!
    I did have CDW insurance, but this is below the excess (that's how they keep the insurance costs down I guess)
  • If it was a new car (and as a hire car the assumtion is it was) and teh crack was not caused by damage (eg stone chip) then the crack is probably due to a manufaturing fault and will be replaced FOC under warrenty (Citroen were notorious for cracking screens a few years ago).

    If the crack was caused by damage though then you will be liable I'm afraid.
  • Sounds like the hire place didnt know what they were talking about then - see here :

    If the crack was over 40mm then the screen would need replacing.
  • I forgot to was in the US. Certainly not a new car, as the company rent junkers to windsurfers so we can fill them with sand.
  • Surfy dude.

    Same principle still aplies. If it was an accident it's your fault (stone chip, someone dancing on it or whatever). If teh crack just appeared then it's not but you'd stuggle to prove it just appeared on an old car.

    FWIW I would pull the ccard authorisation and see if tehy fight you for it, but it may cost you more in teh long run (small print, T&Cs etc)
  • Unfortunately if it cracked whilst you had it, you've had it.


  • Beware, another spammer resurrecting an old thread.

  • Damn, i do it everytime, i read all the way through then realise the thread is out of date.

  • Me too - but nice to hear from a 6 year younger version of myself !

  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    You haven't changed a bit Cougie.  Ah, the wonders of avatars.

    I pranged a hire car when I was on holiday in Corsica and it cost more than the feckin' holiday.  Bloody typical - I spent the whole week moaning about how bad Corsican drivers are, then scraped the wheel arch against a stationary coach when we were five miles away from the airport to get home.


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