for all new runners .....

Hi - have only just started looking at the forum and wanted to join in some threads but they seem so established I thought I would start my own for all those looking from the sidelines !!!!

So come on lets start a new thread for all those people just starting running and needing to lose some weight !!
I will start by telling you a little about myself -

Am a married mum of two kids - turn 30 next year and have been running since May this year, I gave up smoking and brought a treadmill to get fit/lose weight ! Am now loving running and go out as much as I can (normally 4/5 times a week)
I am a member of weight watchers but only use it really to get weighed every week

I ran my first 10k at the end of sept at Bowood House for cancer research - Really enjoyed it - time was 1hr and 13 mins ! Not bad for someone who couldnt run down the road 6 months ago !!
Am now looking towards my next race - want to do some 5ks and more 10ks, then think about a 1/2 marathon but need to lose weight first - about 2 stone !!
Anybody got any 5k or 10k they can recommend in the herts area or the wilts area ?


  • hello albion

    welcome to the nuthouse

    I shouldnt worry about popping in on established threads-thats how we all got started

    the thread on beginners called 2for me and my extroridnarily large tummy is a good one-quite a few WW people on there
  • Join in! More the merrier.

    We don't bite (unless asked)

    PS, ultra runners.....loonys.

    Hipps :-0
  • Hey there Albion,


    Yes PH is right - dont worry about intruding on those established threads, that's what they are there for.

    Congrats on you first 10k. Although i haven't got kids yet, I always wonder if i will keep up they running when i start popping them out. So i admire you...

    not really sure about herts or wilts area as i am down south - but look on the events tab as it is really good at supplying info about races.

    advice: do some more 5k, and 10ks and be able to run them comfortably then tackle a half...

    good on you though. x
  • "when i start popping them out"

    Runners attitude, thats what I like to see.
  • There's a Salisbury 10k in February which I'm planning on doing. I think that's in Wilts.
  • Hi Albion - Check out the first pages (s) of the INSPIRE thread in the beginners section - just millions of posts cos we talk a lot that's all!!! Join us you'd be more than welcome x
  • well popping them out was probably not the correct thing to say...see i told you i haven't had any kids yet - don't know what childbirth is like.

    Boo 'attitude' Boo x
  • welcome to the boards albion.

    you will find that all the threads welcome newbies on, so don't feel threatened, we were all new once.

    and Hippo is our hero ;-)
  • I just invited myself in. rw forumites are v welcoming.
    Be warned though! Once you are a forumite theres no going back. I struggle to get through an hour without the forum.

    And I need a new job desperately.
  • I'm new too - have to confess to having done the 'read but no write' thing! Some useful tips garnered in the meantime though...
    Since I have very little work to do at the moment, the forum is proving very useful in passing the time between 9 and 6!
  • AlbionAlbion ✭✭✭
    Wow - thanks for all your replies ! Makes me feel so wanted !!!!!!!!!

    I have seen the salisbury 10k too - hoping to do it ?

    So, can anyone tell me why I can run for 30 mins on a treadmill but not outdoors - I find it very disheartening !
    was on treadmill yesterday and done a 5k in 30 mins but I waouldnt do it outside - or would I ? Suppose I should find a 5k to do and try it ?!!!
  • albion
    i used to be like you
    it DOES feel harder outside at first
    but i think this is becuase you cant ontrol your pace like on a treadmill
    try slowing right down

    these days i am fster outside than on a tready
    maybe start with run walk till you get used to outside
  • AlbionAlbion ✭✭✭
    PH - I always feel as if Im not going particulary fast outside - I definatly dont rush off - but I suppose you are right in that when Im on the treadmill all I have to do is run .......

    Think I will go for a run now ......
    Raining outside -

    What do you say ? Treadmill or roads and getting very wet ......
  • Hi,

    I have only just started running. I am doing the race for life beginners programme at the moment. I have got to the run 7 mins walk 2mins stage. When I have done the complete 6 weeks I am thinking of going to the Bushey Park Time Trial (along with my daughter and hubby (he is doing Iron man in July )).

    I want to loose some weight too and have managed to loose 5 pounds along with my daughter Kat.

    Kat has started the programme the same time as me so it is good to work together.

    Kat can to the 5k in just under 30mins on the treadmill but in the same time I can only do 2.4 miles but I will get there.

  • Hi Albion and Clarej, as Hipps so aptly puts it - welcome to the nuthouse!!!

    Don't be afraid to ask - there's usually someone around who can help. ;o)
  • real runners love the rain

    (says she smugly having already done her run)
  • AlbionAlbion ✭✭✭
    Hi rodiogirl - welcome - What it the bushey park time trial ? and when ? whats the iron man ?

    you are lucky to have someone to work with - i have to do it alone .... boo hoo
  • AlbionAlbion ✭✭✭
    PH - take it you didnt get wet then ?
  • I used to be the same too, never ran outside (and as soon as I tried it was crippled for a month with shin splints and achilles tendinitis!). I found that perseverence was the key outside and now I love it, you just can't compare treadmill with outside! Soo much more interesting!
    (Although ran past a chipshop last night and breathed in just at the wrong time - thought I was going to throw up! But then in the gym I always seem to attract the man with the deodorant allergy...)
    Definitely try outside, run walk if you have to. And there aren't many treadmill races so if you're going to do runs you might as well train on the same surface!
    (And, sorry to disagree hippo, I'm now much faster on the treadmill than before I started running outside so it's great for an ego boost every now and again!)
  • AlbionAlbion ✭✭✭
    Ok - another question for you all -
    Where can I find out about running clubs in my area and how can I go about trying to find a running buddy ?
  • Albion

    not today
    but i was out in the torrential rain for 5 hours at loch ness

    Claire-people vary immensely on treadmills
  • Sorry hippo, that read wrong, rather than disagree I think I mean differ (no argumentative tone meant, at any rate!!)
    Were you running for 5 hours at loch ness?!
    Another question - any recommendations for water resist/wick/proof running stuff for the quickly approaching winter?
  • Clare-yes-well, dor 5 hrs 12 to be exact
    which is a pb for me
    am very slow hippo

    er, i dont wear jackets ever-i get too hot
    concurve do superb windstopper jackets-which are pretty well showeproof too and let you breathe
    not cheap though

    the treadmill debate is really polarised

    there was once a thread on here which got all scientific too
  • AlbionAlbion ✭✭✭
    I think that you have misunderstood me !

    I do actually prefer running out doors now - but I feel I achieve more on a treadmill - I suppose I can actually 'see' what Im doing - ever since I signed up for the 10k I started running outdoors -
    Got an injury tho' so couldnt run for about a week before my 10k !

    So, what are everyones pb on a 10k ?

  • Albion love

    have you been for your run?

    9you could always get one of those fancy GPS things that tells you how far and fast you have run)

    er, my 10k pb-hm, dont like 10ks

    too short and fast

    64 minutes i think-but i ned to find a flat one
  • AlbionAlbion ✭✭✭
    No - havent been yet - got tied up - went to look at a kennels to put my dog in for christmas as Im going home - will be going shortly .....

    So, PH - I take it you prefer 1/2 marathons and marathons ? any reason why ?

  • AlbionAlbion ✭✭✭
    Oh yeah - I took everyones advice a posted a message on the INSPIRE thread !!
  • Albion,

    I found the Bushey Park time trial on the events finder on this website. It is a 5k. They are held every sat morn. They look like they are very beginner friendly and gives you some idea of time taken for 5k. The results go on the web. It is free and you dont have to pre enter you just turn up.

    Iron man is a very hard tri athalon. It involves swimming 2.4 miles, 112 miles on a bike and then if that is not hard enough running a full marathon (26.2 miles). Madness!!!

  • :waving: hello!
    I'm a newbie on these boards too, although
    I'm doing my 3rd 10k this wkend I still feel very much a beginner, you learn so much with every race, I only started outside training in January and started of with a mile training adding an extra every month! I love it now...
    Not liking dark mornings though...

    Albion - I would like the answer to your question too - running clubs in your area? how do you find out? thx
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