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I'm in training for the GNR, its my first 1/2m. I did a 10k race at the end of July, and discovered that the shoes I had weren't giving enough support - had sore feet for days - so now have a nice new pair of Brooks Adrenalines which seemed to be doing the trick over the past 4 weeks. I try and do 10k on the treadmill once a week, and at least one other 5k indoors and 2-3 4-5 miles outdoors. I now need to get the milage up a bit, but have got a very sore knee.

Basically, its a pain at the left side of my left patella which I get when I run. There is no pain at all when I stop. The pain creeps up and then kinda of shots down the left of the my lower leg. I'm need some advice as to a) what it might be, b) where I should go to get is seen to, I live in London c) is there anyone out there who has had similar symptoms and managed to get them sorted.

I only started running this year, and am enjoying it, so am finding this frustrating .. its started over the weekend but I don't what to cause myself serious damage b4 the GNR.

Any help much appreciated.


  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    Could be Illiotibial band friction syndrome or ITB. With this the pain is usually only experienced when you are running and vanishes immediately you stop.

    You can test for this by pressing on the outside of the knee and slowly straightening your leg from about 90 degrees. You should experience the same pain under your fingers.

    Let me know if this works and I'll give you some tips on getting through it.

    If it doesn't work then there are a few other conditions.

    It doesn't have to stop you running but IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU STOP RUNNING ONCE THE PAIN STARTS. A treadmill is ideal as you can stop when you need to.
  • Hi Drew

    Thanks for this. Doesn't seem to be illiotibial band friction syndrome, I tried the test. As you say, I have stopped running for the time being, don't want to worsen the injury, so will try swimming instead. Took the plunge yesterday and booked an appointment with a sports injury clinic so I can can get it seen to while its still acute.
  • Hi Drew

    You were right, its ITB! I've got very bad pronation on the left, and my alingnment is all to pot, so I'm going to have to work on that. I got some exercises from the physio, mainly lunges and a very good stretching one for the ITB. Any tips on getting though it much appreciated. Although I really don't want to use strapping.

  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    Hi She

    The only suggestions I can think of are:

    1. Try not to run downhill as that can sometimes aggravate the injury.

    2. Train on soft surface, grass, track, etc.

    3. More cushioned shoes can sometimes help but as you seem to have major pronation problems this may not help.

    What type of shoes do you wear?

    Have you noticed the pain coming on after running specific routes or on the treadmill?

    Unfortunately ITBS is one of those injuries that can either clear up quite quickly or drag on. If you do experience any pain, rest, ice and stretch.
  • She

    It sounds like you need to correct the over-pronation problem. The Brooks Adrenaline is I believe a motion control shoe as opposed to a pure anti-pronation shoe. Did the sports injury clinic not suggest orthotics? Did they recommend you to a podiatrist? Drew's advice for avoiding the injury are good but unless you address the cause you will continue to suffer.

  • Thanks guys. The physio suggested that orthotics are a possibility but wouldn't sort out the underlying problem, which they want to have a go at first. The running shop I got my shoes in have recommended a podiatrist.

    Drew, I started with a pair of Saucony's which were fine until I raced a 10k, I had terrible foot pain as they weren't giving me the support I needed and now I'm wearing the Brooks Adrenaline, which feel much better. Physio looked at my running action and said that the right leg is fine its just the left which needs sorted.

    I'm new to this running lark, only been running since the start of the year. I'm wondering if I should keep up the cario-vascular work in the gym, run on treadmills, and not worry about getting road fit for the GNR, if you know what I mean. Or is that just a mad idea? I don't want this ITB to get really chronic and have to pull out of the race.
  • When I had ITB, a result from overdoing it, too much too quickly and all that the only way I could get over it was to stop running, no treadmill either and go cross training for a while, rowing and recumbant biking for a couple of weeks plus lots of stretches for my hip and knee.
    Take it easy and good luck
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