Best shoes to accomodate orthotics?

I have been told that I need to have orthotics to correct a persistent knee niggle. Having never had them before I am unsure what to expect, however at the moment I wear a very narrow fit shoe (addidas response control) and I suspect I may need to change.

Anyone any experience / recommendations?


  • Hi Martin - depends on what your podiatrist recommends, I think. My pod wants me to carry on wearing my Mizuno Mavericks with the orthotics, as he says the more support my feet get, the better. But I know there's another school of thought that says run in neutrals. Who are you getting the orthotics from?
  • Martin, even if your podiatrist recommends a particular shoe, I would still advise that you buy your shoes from a shop with a treadmill/video, (Runner's Nead at liverpool St has one). You can then try your orthosis in a variety of shoes including any recommended by the podi.

    I did this last year and was suprised to find that my overprobation was controlled far better when I put my orthotics in a pair of motion control shoes (Mizuno Legends).

    The guys at Runer's Need also said that 99% of customers looking for shoes for orthotics always asked for Asics (can't remember the mosel)as that was what their podiatrist recomendation. However they didn't think there was any logic in this and that runners were missing out on some other better shoe choices.

    Keep your mind open and good luck
  • Interesting comment about Asics, jenks! It's the one make of shoe my feet really don't like. Could this be a podiatrists' conspiracy?
    Nice advice.
  • meercat, thats not far off what the guy in Runner's Need said, actually I think he thought that they knew that a particular shoe worked and just stuck with it year after year without bothering to find out if there were alternatives.

    Very happy with the Mizuno's
  • I over pronate and wear special insoles - in the past 7 years I have stuck with asics, deviated over to Nike once but never again !!!

    2040s rule !!!
  • The things to look for in a shoe to wear with orthotics are:
    A fairly deep shoe with reasonable heel cup support. (The orthotic tends to raise the foot)
    A removeable insole (not glued in) so that you can replace it with a thin flat one and have the orthotic sit on top.

    I was also told not to go for anything too rigid in the midfoot, ie stiff plastic motion control devices, but I have had a few pairs with such devices (as I couldn't get any more Reebok interval hex) and have had no problems.

    My orthotics are designed to re- align my knees caused by overpronation, however my friend is an underpronator wearing orthotics and her advice may have varied.
  • Thanks chaps.

    Difficult for me to pop into any shops in the UK as I live in Germany! Point definitely taken though - in fact I been referred for a full bio-mechanical assessment having been diagnosed with Jumpers Knee (see injury thread).

    Until a few years ago I always ran in asics, 2010 and 2020, but we really had a falling out with the 2040 which I found really uncomfortable, I currently have a pair of 2070's as well as the addidas but find them again not comfortable. The addidas have been great but as they are a narrow fit I was also thinking of changing as they are starting to hurt the tops of my toes. I race in Asics DS VII which are excellent (ran the Frankfurt marathon in them last year).

    I am a bit restricted by what I can buy here as the only brands available are Asics, Nike, Brooks and Addidas. I'm tempted by the Brooks adrenaline which is supposedly quite supportative but also light or alternatively the Gel Kayano - views?
  • I have a pair of Gel Kayanos (year before last model) they have been fine, as are the Gel Creed that are my newest pair, mixed with some New Balance 716 and another number I can't remember they seem to be doing brilliant. I hope you will be given good advice about breaking the orthotics in- wearing them for short periods to begin with.
    I recently had mine redone and found that they rub a bit on the inside arch, but I have cured this with a thin insole over the top instead of underneath till they bed down properly.
    I tend to go for stability rather than motion control in a shoe, but I am only 8 stone although I am a bit of a Claud Hopper.
  • The Sweatshop recommended Asics Gel Cumulus - I am on my third pair over 5 years, and they are fine, though I went up half a size, and in this years model I have a smidgen too much room in the forefoot and so have put an insole over my orthotic to tighten it up a little.

    I used to overpronate, but the orthoses have sorted out my gait to a more neutral one.

    Well done the Reading Sports Clinic, who also diagnosed that I swing one arm more than the other (that I had never noticed), and that I do not smoke (as I have hairy legs, which smokers tend not to have apparently) !

    I used to wake with terrible forefoot pain every mornig but the orthoses have sorted it out - I was looking at surgery to remove extra bone growth from an arthritic big toe joint, and though the joint is seizing up gradually, I am still doing 13 milers regulalry and a marathon every year, while dodging the knife.
  • Hi All

    Its Very interesting to hear what you all say about Asics and orthotics, I'm an underpronater and where orthotics, and bought Asics 2040 (bought asics for the last 12years recommended after a back injury - no probs since!), but found them to be too narrow and ended up with pins and needles in my feet. I'm currently wearing a cheaper pair of asics which are much broader, but I was surprised after only 4 months of wearing them the sole is peeling off. So I need to buy some new ones. Anyone know of a shop anywhere in Gloucestershire that has a treadmill etc to evaluate ones running/gait?

    Many thanks
  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭
    All these comments are interesting to me. I have orthotics and am having shoe problems. I am pleased to hear about the heel thing. All my shoes now seem to not be deep enough in the heel. Quite disappointed that you pay all this money for them and don't seem to get advice re shoes???????
    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • Used to wear Brooks Beasts (hence the name). Now haev orthotics (Cuired Planatyr Fasicitis) and personally decided to move down to a stability shoe (the Beasts were now too supportive). So Running in Brooks Vapor. However for the person that mentioned it I already had a pair of Brooks Adrenaline for racing and the Orthotics work fine in these. I also have a pair of Asics DS Trainers for short races and again no problems. The orthotics do lift the foot but I have not found a problem. To be honest you need good running shop advice and see what works for you.
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  • Don't know if this is any help, but I was wearing the same pair of Asics (for far too long), don't recall the model, but they were superb for accommodating my orthotics, never had a problem. Recently moved over to the Gel Kayano 19's and I cannot stress enough how many problems they have caused me. They actually have less mid foot support (lower arch), and seem to have replaced this with the plastic sole support which restricts natural foot movement. I would not recommend these at all. I'm not in search of a better pair!

  • Ha didn't even notice the date! Hopefully it gives someone up to date knowledge who searches on Google.

  • I have done quite a few gait analysis over the past few years. When someone comes to me with Orthotics I will always recommend a Neutral shoe , if the orthotics are correct they should be doing the work. The best shoes i find with orthotics are Brooks Glycerin, Asics Gel Nimbus and Mizuno Wave Rider

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