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  • Hippo - Between me and my hubbie we got close to 2600 but that is before the tax back.
  • One option is to negotiate with a national charity for some of the funds to go to a local project.

    I hope to run for the YMCA (national) I am currently discussing a % going to the YMCA in my home town.

    To date they have been very open to this. They obviously have to cover their costs but thats only reasonable.

    From this thread it seems clear that a positive experience for the runner means better income for the charity and the possability of repeat custom.

    The money grabbers will lose out in the long run.
  • thats brilliant Gym Addict
    but i do wonder if you had "only" done £100-whether that would have been ok
  • Never had any trouble with larger charities personally, although I suspect the minimum amount to raise on the GNR has gone up a lot over the last few years. I do feel though that I cannot personally deal with the pressure of raising a minimum of £1500+.

    Running a mara is hard anyway without the possibility of a very large financial penalty at the end of it.

    It must be easier if a few of you enter the ballot and then if in, all work to raise for the Gold Bond of one of you if they don't get in the ballot.

    However, as an enthsiastic runner for charity it still makes me feel very uncomfortable knowing that charities apparently have to pay £300 for a place and then ask for you to raise 5 times that. Somebody is benefiting from all this and somehow I don't think the money is all going to those who it was raised for.

    As for the original question - they may have their wires crossed, in which case a call should confirm that - why would they turn down several hundreds of pounds for the price of a runners pack.

    If they genuinely meant what they said they have definitely lost the plot and I would run for somebody else instead - probably write a stiff letter to the charities patrons as well.

  • Crikey I didn't realise so much went on behind the scenes vis a vis the charities. I ran in 2005 for a local children's charity who were very supportive. My target was £1250 but in the event I managed to raise £2300. I too found it a big strain though and much worse then training.

    I've entered the ballot for next year but was thinking of going for a GB place for Cancer Research for a variety of personal reasons. However, was not very impressed by the organisation of the Race for Life I took part in in the summer and I did find them pushy. So maybe a more local charity would be better...


    Still thinking about it!


    PS I wrote a book about my experiences called Running on Empty:Diary of a Marathon Mum, and am donating a percentage of the profits to Tadworth Court Trust who I ran for. Anyone doing FLM for the first time and in need of inspiration do contact me at: If I can do it anyone can!
  • Hippo = re the money - I was aware that it cost the charity roughly 300 so I would have ensured that I raised at least that amount. The first time I ran for them I only raised a couple of hundred and they were really nice about that too. (It was a local race and so cost them nothing more than a race pack and a top).
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