adidas Flora Liverpool Half Marathon

you can follow the link to find details, but if you follow the link to London Marathon web-site, and look at 'Other Events' there's the Silverstone half, but no sign of this.
Another race dropped from the Merseyside calendar ?


  • RM,

    It would appear that the FLM crew have indeed dropped Liverpool and will only be doing Silverstone.

    All is not lost, I have a list of local events and a Liverpool Half is listed at Sefton Park on Sun 18 March 2007. Presumably run by Run Liverpool (if you can say that without starting a fight).

    If you want to do the best half marathon of the year - enter the Helsby Four Villages Half on 21 Jan 2007 - a great race. Entries are now open, but it does fill up quickly.
  • BB - thanks. Won't enter debate about merits or otherwise of RL - I know some people can get a bit touchy.
    Helsby the best ? Not sure - one of the best certainly. Always liked Lake Vyrnwy, but that fills up even quicker. Did Blackpool earlier this year - did quite well, so may do it again. But I'll certainly be keeping my eyes peeled for Liverpool Half - whoever organises it
  • Looked at the Age Concern web site (not for me) and they are asking for people to raise funds at the Flora Liverpool Half 07. Link directs you to tophalfmarathon site, which says entries available from November.
    Will go into London Marathon Store today (I'm working down here) to see if they have any further details.
    If not going ahead Wilmslow is also a good alternative and usually held on same day.
  • It has been given a permit and is included on the calendar for next year by the noeaa [ur]
  • hay guys, yeah im up for the helsby half, should be good fun.
    Did the Liverpool 10k the other day, very good atmosphere.

    I'll keep my eyes peeled for entry to the Liverpool half
  • Just back from the FLM shop, all the staff seem to think it's on in both Liverpool and Silverstone. But to be honest they didn't look very sure, they might have wanted to get shut of me before closing time!!
  • I can imagine the conversation:

    "Hello, do you have a 2007 Liverpool Half Marathon ?"

    "If we have one, it will be on the shelf"

    I would be more inclined to go with the FLM mag, which advertises Silverstone 2007 and has absolutely no mention of a Liverpool event rather than believe what the shop staff tell me at closing time.

    Shame really, because having done both, they are superbly organised events - even if the Silverstone circuit is a bit boring.
  • i have seen mention of the race in several places i think that the reason FLM know wont confirm is possibly down to sponsorship and or funding issues. The race appears in next years calendar but with no sponsor or organiser or contact no yet

    Asics to be main sponsor, its set to be held on the 25th March! which is pretty good for me as i think the 18th might have clashed with the busa indoor championships...

  • Thanks ST.
    Looks like that confirms that it's nothing to do with FLM.
    Don't like sound of 'likely changes include ...'
    Another change of route on the cards methinks
  • no probs rwanda, think they just mean they are sorting out the financial side of the race rather than altering the race route though...
  • I don't see anything to suggest the route will change. Given its already been given a permit, wouldn't it require a new one if it was on a different course.
  • hope it's not 25th March as that would clash with the Wilmslow Half (again!)

    was looking forward to running both in 2007

    ho hum
  • change of route doesn't need a new permit, but needs agreement from the police.
    change of date would only require a new permit if there was another event 'in close proximity'. Wilmslow is obviously not considered to be in close proximity
  • Excellent !

    Yeah - I think its the same weekend as Wilmslow - it has the past few years, but Liverpool is a lot less crowded in the early miles than Wilmslow.
  • Brill. I'll be there.
  • So will I, and will train like mad to beat 1:52 (last 3 half's have been between 1:52.04 and 1:52.18) Followed the link from RW and to enter online price is £17.
  • Looking at the race profile, they have marked the couse as 13miles not 13.1. does anyone know if it will be a short half?
  • Highly unlikely - the Liverpool half attracts international runners - therefore it must be an accurately measured course or they wouldn't get the permit to stage it.
  • Better not be short - I PB'd last year dammit !!

    Naah - with the start and finish at Sefton Park - there would be no reason for it to be short measured - they'd just shift the lines around a bit.
  • Just entered online, nothing like planning ahead. Some 10k's prior to Christmas and then will start putting in the extra mileage in January.
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