Weird "flashing lights"

I have recently had a couple of times (usually if i wake during the night) where I get "flashing lights" in my vision - quite off putting when it's otherwise pitch dark in the room. Should I be worried? And if so, is it one for the doc or the optician??

any advice welcomed.
thanks in advance
Hegs x


  • Id get a check at the optician anyway hegs
    could be a migraine without a headache type thingie
    is your blood pressure ok now
  • Yep, get to the opticians. Best to get it checked.
  • I would get it checked asap

    I do not want to worry you, but I had a detached retina a few years ago and was told to go back immediately if I ever had this sort of effect in my vision. May be nothing, but better be on the safe side.
  • Hegs, I used to suffer from migraines and one of the first signs for me was 'flashing lights', usually to one side.

    As the others say, get a check-up.
  • Sounds like migraine.

    Mine start as a small blob of light in one eye, then grows into a coloured zig zag, which is curved round, and gets larger until it disappears out of the edge of my vision.

    It's usually followed by a headache, but not a particularly bad one - I get off quite lightly compared to some people.

    If I catch it early enough and concentrate on watching the blob (with my eyes shut), it will sometimes disappear and not develop into the zig zag or the headache.

  • Hmm. Am a prolific sufferer of migraine and it doesn't fit my normal symptoms.

    I have also had quite a few "floaters" recently (black floating specks) - in the past my optician always said that was nothing to worry about but one of my friends has had a detached retina and I don't want to go there :o(

    PH - haven't had the BP checked for a while - did cross my mind as I started a new job last week and am putting myself through a lot of stress and uncertainty as I settle in (always a good excuse for the old BP to go through the roof).

    thanks everyone, think I'll get it checked out.

    hegs x
  • I get tunnel vision with my migranes, and the inability to focus except at one point in front of me.

    Not everyone gets flashing lights with migranes but most people get some sort of visual impairment.
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