Back from hols

Hi all, I am back from hols and rearing to get going again with some serious training. It was b****y hot out in Greece to run, temps of around 40c, lovely to sun bathe though. Have got a great tan to show off now, so cannot wait to get out there and run now.

Hope everyone else has/had a good holiday.


  • You can show off your tan with your picture
  • Hi Lyn, good to have you back, hope you both had a good time. Missed you both on the last Fridat 5 at Gt Bentley, the rest of us all did really well with PB's for all I think. 'Slow But Sure' will be in the next Commonwealth games if he keeps improving at his current rate.

    I think I managed to finish 11th overall in the Mens Vet45 category, but am having difficulty in finding out who collates the results.

    What races are you concidering?

    all the best

  • Jenks,

    Great to hear from you and its good to hear that everyone did well at Gt Bentley, well done.

    Our next race is the Mersea Island 10miler on August Bank holiday Sunday, (there is a 5miler if you want to do it). Then we have the Great South run, the Langham 10k and the Windsor half in September, busy, busy, busy. What about you?

  • Hi Lyn,

    Glad you both had a great holiday, me and SlowButSure are still here and yes it is still very very hot. See you and Jenks and all very soon, maybe Yarmouth half on 18th? Have you considered that one?

    Best Wishes,

  • Are you emailing from Rhodes?? How sad is that??

    See you soon.
  • It must be hot in Rhodes, otherwise you guys would be out running instead of sitting in an cyber cafe...still that beats the hell out of sitting at a desk in London.

    Havn't decided what runs to do yet, although Framligham 10k looks likely as does Ingatestone 10k on 22nd September.

    Have an ouzo for me


  • Hi all,

    Back now in sunny (haha) suffolk. Yes, I was checking emails etc whilst on holiday, it was in the hotel so wasnt too bad, and the rest were also checking there emails so why not.

    Am currently assessing whether or not now to do Yarmouth half, due to my increased weight over the last two weeks! I am definitely running Framlingham in September, it was a race I did last year and although a difficult course it will be great to beat last years time.

    I am running Mersea in August also, SlowButSure will run the same races as me I would have thought.

    Best Wishes,

  • Paul,

    Glad to see you are back in one piece and hope the hols was good.

    Our next race is the Mersea one, are you doing the 5 or 10miler? We are in for the 10mile.

  • Lyn,

    I am in for the 10 miler, I think SlowButSure is doing the same.

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