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Hi guys I've got a real problem in that I can't get to a running shop but have decided to go for this pair of shoes. (might sound silly I know but don't have much other choice)

Anyway my problem is which type do I go for? The Durable or the Responsive. My weight is 13st 7lbs (around 85kg) I've been informed i'm on the border line. I just don't want to spend the £65 I'm managed to get them down to inc delivery only to find I'm too light/too heavy for the pair I've gone for. If I'm on the border line I think I'll end up going for the responsive

Thank you in advance


  • Rob,

    I am using the responsive (as my weight is around 78kg. You will be fine with them and the cushioning will definitely be enough for you. As you say, you are on the border line therefore, the responsive are a safe bet.

  • Mmmm. I'm 13st 4Lb and I've been told that if you're over 12st 6Ib then you need durable. I've just bought a pair og Durables and they are lighter that my old Brooks Adren GTS's that I wore out in 3 months flat
  • Rob,

    You shouldn't have any problems with either shoe. As both are suitable, its a matter of what "ride" you prefer. The Durable will offer a firmer feeling and should last a bit longer. Alternatively the Responsive will be softer and more flexible, but as it has a part blown-rubber outsole, will maybe not last as long if you are typically hard on your shoes. The choice as they say, is yours.

    We must point out that it is ALWAYS best to try shoes on before buying them, just to be sure they fit and are suitable.

    Hope this helps!
  • I have a pair the Responsive have for years been a Saucony fan - the cushioning is fine with pleanty of bounce and the heel fit is perfect.

    But after only four wears I've found them to be a absolute disaster for me - the fit is far too broad - something that a quick run before I bought them didn't pick up. The room across the toe box has given me blisters on the sides and underneath both big toes. In fact there is so much room that my toes have the option of doing a different run from the one I'm taking.

    Consequently they have been relegated to the back of the cupboard as an expensive mistake.
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