I am looking to buy a secondhand pushchair for running with, preferably a Baby Jogger one. Anyone got one they are finished with?
In anticipation,



  • Hi J,
    Ebay would be a good place to start or oyour local free ads. Babyjogger are the best to get.
  • thanks - have missed two on ebay - they are going for too much - don't think people realise that the Baby Jogger II (£338 before discontinuation) has been replaced by the Baby Jogger Performance Series (£285).
    I will try Loot too.
  • Having had a look at the "Performance series" I would stil plump for an original BabyJogger 'cos they do last. One of our Baby Joggers is almost 15 years old and still going strong. If my memory is right, Baby Jogger were recently bought out by another company, so perhaps the original founders of Babyjogger didn't have a hand in developing the performance series. from experience, larger wheels are much easier for running although they do take up space in the back of the car.(but excellent for ploughing your way through a busy shopping centre!)
  • Cheers for the advice Bill - I have found one at last (did a wanted add at the school). Hope I am not still using mine in 15 yrs time though! (only cos I have had three kids in 4 yrs and don't think I could cope with any more)

  • Excellent news - another convert!
    It would be worth practicing on a flat bit of road first - get used to the brakes and cornering. Always use the safety leash and you'll need a bell or similar so that people can hear you coming (you creep up on them very quickly!) Have fun!
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