Total Immersion swimming course

Being a totally useless swimmer I've been looking at possible swimming courses. There is a total immersion course on near me in a couple of weeks. It lasts two days but costs about £330.

Has anyone been on one?

Was it worth it?


  • I haven't done TI course but I have done a similar thing. I have also read the TI book.

    I think it depends how crap you are. If you are really bad then I think you will find it useful. If you are only average then you probably wont find it helps that much because these courses, by their nature, work on several elements that most people dont do very well but dont offer any real specific 1-2-1 advice.

    I would also consider that £300 is enough for 6 hour long 1-2-1 sessions spaced apart to give you time to practice each new aspect in between. I think you would find that much more beneficial.
  • I can't tell you if the course is any good but the books and DVD are excellent. I taught myself from scratch over a couple of months then spent the money I saved on a day one-to-one with a coach. The benefit of doing it that way was that I had already sorted out the basic stuff by the time I saw the coach so he was able to sort out a few problems and start to put some polish on my technique. My concern with the weekend course is that they will only be able to teach you the basics and three months down the line you'll need some more coaching to iron out the faults.
  • I recently did something similar, I had 9 hours in the pool over the weekend for £250.

    I began with the ability to stop myself drowning and worked up from there, as it's a different way of swimming entirely I didn't make as much progress as I initially hoped for but with the book/DVD all being well it'll work out in the end.

    Was it worth it, probably, certainly if I can continue to teach myself the final bits as it appears a good technique. I guess I'm a little too impatient though and wanted more obvious results there and then.

    Good luck! Feel free to email me if you want a fuller description of what went on...
  • Thanks for the insightful comments. I'll sit and think over the weekend exactly what I want and what is best for me to do. I'm a stingy bu@@er. Must come from living in Yorkshire all this time.
  • Wild Will went on a course and it was very good for him. I went on a weekend one and it totally wrecked any style I may have already had. So the answer depends.
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