Hi all

I've been running on and off for about 12 months (my mum started me off!). I'm going skiing in December and need to get incredibly fit legs so that I can keep up with my friends. My fitness levels so far are not so good, I can run 2 miles in 20 minutes.

Any suggestions?


  • Hi Sharon,

    What sort of skiing - cross country, or down a huge mountain? I've done both, and eacy requires you to know the proper technique. So, if you have never been before, I'd highly recommend a lesson or two to start you off properly. As for how much running you should do, as long as you are fit (no need to be super fit, just athletic enough, if that makes sense), this will be a good help.

    Have fun!
  • 'eacy'???! I meant to say each!
  • Not sure whether you ski already, but if you're a beginner - there's no need to be especially fit to ski - I have got progressively fitter with each ski holiday as I've upped the running and all it's meant is that I don't get as sore and can last all day on the slopes, however as a beginner it's unlikely you'll want to stay skiing all day as it's frustrating. If you've skied before, I wouldn't worry too much on the fitness - if you really want to do something, squats, lunges and training on hills will all help! I love skiing, can't wait for thenew season!

    Happy running!
  • go to a ski fit course if you can.i have been skiing twice now last year was the first time and wanted to come home immediately.i was overweight and underfit and hated nearly every second of the holiday.this year,i had lost weight had a couple of lessons beforehand at milton keynes skislope and really progressive teachers on holiday(one to one teaching,though not intentional) and by the end of the week my partner and i were skiing red runs together and i had skied a (small)black run in a blizzard!can'wait to go,i think fitness and strength do matter mainly to avoid that horrible feeling of not being able to move your legsand don/t forget arms the next day!
  • Agree with Ruth, fitness and flexibility can make all the difference to whether you enjoy your skiing or come back demotivated or even injured no matter what level you are. And when you realise how much that lift pass is costing you per day you'll be wanting to make the most of it!

    I've skied all my life and the years I've also done a lot of running have been by far the most enjoyable. Good basic aerobic fitness means you can put your energy into learning to ski rather than keeping moving, but running is also brilliant for leg strength esp. quads. Squats are the king of ski exercises.

    To develop basic fitness speed is less important than frequency. Try running 20-30 mins 3-4 times a week gradually increasing distance if you feel able. Cut back if you're tired or ill.
    Do some stretching too, at least to make sure you can easily reach down and unclip your skis without falling over!
    Have a good holiday (and don't forget to keep running after you come back too.)
  • Thanks to everyone who posted reply's, much appreciated.

    This will be my 3rd time skiing, and I can now pretty much master parallel turns and hard blue runs.

    Last time I went I had 5 days of lessons and on the last day skiied with my husband (he's been skiing since he was about 6), so my legs hurt the next day.

    I'm going to put into practice everyone's suggestions and run for longer and harder and fit in some leg squats.

    Let's just hope I don't break something!!

    Thanks again

    Sharon A
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