Advice wanted for first 10K

Am running my first 10K next Sunday (Trafford). I've been running for 3 years but mainly on the fells and have raced all distances up to 23 miles. I've done a couple of road races but nothing 'serious' like a 10K and am really keen to do well. I did a 5K in 23:48 two years ago. Have been doing speedwork twice a week for 2 years now although have yet to see these great results I keep reading about!!!
Want to do well - any advice on pre race training next week, warm up or what time I can hope for appreciated.


  • Good luck! I'm sure you'll be fine. I did my first when the furthest I'd run previously was 4 miles. What ever happens you're bound to beat my record breaking 74 minutes! (in my defence it was bloody hilly: undulating, my arse!)
  • Run like b***ery ?
  • 1/2 - 2/3 the normal training. Don't run on Friday. 3 - 4 miles Saturday very gentle. Warm up, one mile gentle, 5 mins. gentle stretching, 6x 50m longish strides.
    Time 40mins.
    Of course I have no idea what would suit you but you did ask. It's just what I'd do.

    Finally, with stamina from things like fell running don't bother with race tactics just blast it.
  • Give it your all,keep positive,No time to settle in,doing a 10k.The buzz of the race and the adrenalin will carry you, it will be over before you know it,remember you've done this distance, and more many times.(This works for me when Im chasing a fast time)..Good Luck,Dove
  • Having raced distances upto 23 miles, you certainly won't find a 10k 'difficult' and if you've been doing speedwork then the pace the race goes off at also shouldn't cause a problem.

    My advice in terms of training would to ease back on the quantity of miles the week before. On the Thursday do a short quick(ish) run of say 4 miles take the Friday off the do a short easy run on the Saturday. On race day do 1 mile warm-up with a few fast strides and then just go for it, but at your pace! I find the first mile is always the quickest, but then it settles. Just keep pushing and telling yourself that the distance is EASY!!:)

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