Kinder Surprise Eggs


Does anybody know which high street/supermarket retailers currently sell them?




  • I think my local Stop Shop sells them... I might drop in later, so I'll let you know in the morning.
  • Asda normally have them by the checkouts.
  • Sean, are you trying to collect the novelties?
  • Why the ecky pecky would you want one of those ghastly things
  • yeah i saw them in asda at the checkout too....well actually my 5 year old son saw them first and i just muttered under my breath a lot as he whined on and on for one!
  • tesco. they're disgusting
  • Apart from the supermarkets, you're most likely to find them in Woolworths.
  • I'm after some (intact!) to take over to the States for some friends!

    Many thanks.

    Will have to have another look in Asda, but didn't look near the check-outs!
  • Sam.Sam. ✭✭✭
  • I am pleased to announce that, further to my investigation last night, Stop Shop in my village does have them.
  • I think they are banned in the US aren't they?

    I love 'em and even though you can buy the packs of little kinder chocolate bars..its just not the same without the foil and the little whatits you get in the 'yolk'.

    I know they are tough to get in the States and I'm sure there are US websites importing them. They also sell on ebay.

    Odd world we live in isn't it?
  • Sean G

    Tesco's and BP Connect both do, my kids make a bee line for them everytime.
  • There's this thing about not being allowed to bring food into the US- better check that it's OK for the chocolate!
  • IIRC stuff like meat, animal produce, veg and plants etc are not allowed incase they have insects/bugs/disease in/on them.

    Surely, they wouldn't be selling huge bars of Toblerone (etc) at airports if they were banned.
  • You could be right there! :)
  • My last "gift" from a kinder suprise was a pirate ship!
    Any pirate want to buy it :-0
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