Weekly mileage

I am running inth eFLM next year, I was reasonably fit before starting to train 4 months ago.
Since then I have run 2 10K races and built up my distance from once round the block to 5 miles in reasonable comfort.
What on average should I be aiming for as an average total of miles per week ?
I realise that there is a lot of things to consider but was just wondering what a good average figure would be.


  • Russ,
    I think there are a lot of variables (do you have a specific time in mind?, will you be doing some shorter distance (10 miles, 1/2 marathon, 30K) races during your build-up? etc etc) but in general about 40 miles per week split between a long run, a tempo run, some shorter faster stuff and a couple of easier runs will get you there.

  • Another key figure is the 10% rule, do not increase your weekly distance by more that 10% from one week to the next. So if your weekly total is 10 miles this week next week you can not do more than 11 miles etc.

  • You should aim to be doing at least 20 miles a week (if this is your first marathon) by November and keep this up through December. There are many schedules available and RW also lists a few in the magazine in Jan.

    If you're not already a member, I would recommend joining a local running club as this will encourage you out on your long Sunday runs.

    Good luck.
  • Whatever mileage you are able to build up to, don't forget to do at least 1 or 2 long runs of around 20 miles. On the day the adrenalin and the crowd should help you over the last 6 but you do need to 'educate' your legs to handle those first 20 miles. I realise this from bitter experience !
  • Thanks for all the tips.

    I feel compfortable at 5 Miles 3 time a week at present - should I increase at this stage to say 7 miles 3 times a week or will it be beneficial to just add another 5 mile run that each week ?

  • I've been running for a year now and am running my first marathon in 4 weeks time. As part of my training I have completed 2 x 20 mile, 1 x 19 mile and 1 x 17 mile long runs in the past 8 weeks. My 20 miler last Sunday was completed quite comfortably.

    On the question of weekly mileage, I have only been averaging 21 miles a week for the past three months of training ( a lot less before that)and yet I feel 100% ready for the marathon. This just shows how important the long runs are in training !!!
  • Which marathon Scotty ? My first marathon featured a similar build-up to yours, I just went too fast early on, so although I was spot on my 'target' at 1/2 way, 5 miles later I blew up and hobbled the last 8 miles doing a walk/jog/walk/stagger !
    I've only run 2 marathons, both this year, and I was 15 minutes outside my target each time due to the last 6 miles being so tough on each occassion. Good luck though ! My 3rd attempt in Manchester next month, why do I do it ??
  • Hiya DT,

    It's the Loch Ness Marathon on 29th Sept (1,000 entered so far).

    Just re-checked my average mileage which has actually rise to about 24 miles for past 8 weeks and 27 miles for the last 4 weeks which I still think is too low - but hopefully it will be a case of quality and not quantity.

    I have to admit to being worried about the last 6 miles which at best will take 50 minutes. I'm planning a 17 mile run (sort of tapering)in two weeks and then the Maidstone Half on the 22nd. Will let you all know after the 29th whether my training was enough.

    All the best for Manchester.
  • The Loch Ness Marathon sounds like a beauty of an event, not to hilly for you I hope.
    It is quality rather than quantity to a certain extent. You could do 2 'recovery' runs each week of say 4 miles each, which amounts to 8 miles a week of nothing much but you still include it in your mileage.
  • about 45 a week for me...

    I think that`s roughly my level...

    i go on feel more than being a stickler for any particular plan or anything,but on average,i seem to do about 40-50 a week,it seems.....


  • hey Dirt Trascker....

    ive got my first marathon coming up in little over a month now....(the  hull marathon)

     i dont know whether to just go for it and do 7-7.30 minute miling or take it steady and just discuipline myself to do steady 8 minute miling right from the start...

    (im in 2 minds over it)

     The way i view it is yoiur gonna be knackered after 1q7-18 miles anyway so you might as well just go for it at 7.30 pace...

    i`m doing the east hull harriers 20 in a couple of weeks so i`ll probably try that there and see if it works and if it does...probably do the same again at the hull marathon a few weeks later....


  • blimey, this thread started 10 years ago!!!

  • I suppose at the end of the day it's how much time you can fit in - I average about 32 miles a week but was reading this morning in a mag someone doing 60 & he was a fun runner...

     To be honest any more time would be too much for me on so many different levels!!

  • we average 29 miles a week and thats fine for us althought the next few weeks are our 20 and 22 milers so will be nearer 32. Marathon training takes over your life as it is.
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