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  • Great you'll know me cause I probably be on my knees towards the end!!!
  • I hadn't seen that one - i'll see how the 10km goes but that seems like a good move up from 10k.

    I'll be joining you slow patrol! I'm so slow but its the only way i can keep going!

  • Slow Patrol - nothings a substitute for good wine but then I'm biased. Nothing like a good glass of Barolo in preparation for a run.

    I too had noticed the Not the Roman IX and will probably enter after this one if it goes ok as 10k has been my limit until now.
  • iRuniRun ✭✭✭
    Can anyone help me get into this race. I've missed the cut off! Can anyone recommend any 10othek r races before Christmas?
  • Jason:

    See above previous messages for a sort of explanation but try postal entry...hope you're successful :)
  • Jason/embo78
    I contacted the organisers and they said there were some postal application positions still available.

  • Just filled in the form and need to post tomorrow..

    Have been toying with this or the WAlsall Pudding run...

    Opted for this one!

    Domestic Goddess - don't stress.. I had exactly the same concerns when I entered myfirst 10k in August!

    I doubt you will be last...

    Just remember it's your first race so you are certain to get a PB!!

    and no matter where you come - you've done more than those sat at home on the sofa!!

    Enjoy it!! That's all that matters!!
  • Is this not full then?
  • Thank you Onionsj aka Twinkle Toes!

    Mitten it is full via online entry but i think people have been able to get in with postal votes
  • Does anyone here have a place and cant attend for whatever reason??
    I will gladly take your number off you and reimburse you accordingly ;o)!!!
  • I might give mine up, i've been ill for the past week and still feel rubbish so don't think i'll be able to get round!

    I'll be really annoyed at myself but had a bad couple of weeks and don't feel in any fit state to run a 10k!
  • Gogster, let me know if you want it and i'll sort out getting the number to you etc.
  • Sorry to hear you're not too well, and without sounding too mercenary, I'd gladly take your number off you. Just tell me how you want to sort it out and I'll gladly reimburse you of the cost.
  • Still hoping to make this but have hurt thigh warming up my daughters football team today saturday, so will have to see how my leg is at 9am tommorrow.
    Truth is i hate losing my money so will make the start line but could be going very easy and slow oh well.
  • Just got back from this, my first ever running race. I think I might have just scraped under 50 mins which is OK I suppose. If I hadn't done 10 1/2 hours driving in the last 48 hours I might have felt a bit fresher but there you go. At least I now have a time to try to beat.
  • did this too today, there was very cold wind blowing right at you so not very comfortable.
    But an ok race if you want to improve your time as mostly flat and steady.
    i personally found the view very uninspiring( mainly ran through the air field and over a busy road)Not sure if i would do this again as it doesnt compare to the Goring 10k ( Feb)which is hard to beat with the beautiful views, challenging hills etc!
  • Race was good in my opinion, but the memento was very poor.
  • Race was fine, flat, fast I did a pb and so did my wife!.

    I agree with the above comment that the memento was pants.....
  • Made the start line today but was suffering with a thigh strain so took it vey very easy in the first 4 miles,
    i then up my pace in the last 2 miles plus and came home in a slower time than normal of 49mins and 36 secs which is ok i guess.
    prize was different being a key ring but what a shame it was not engraved.
    I enjoyed the food which was in huge demand and thank you all at alchester marshalls etc , might do this next year when fully fit.
  • I enjoyed todays event. It was my first race here and I was kinda looking forward to the exposed course being seriously grim as the forcast predicted strong winds and horizontal rain, but it turn out pretty good this morning. I'll be back next year. Great organistion, no probs except I was a few seconds late to the start.
  • Enjoyed this again and with no fog like last year I appreciated just how long that track round the airfield was!
    Hey guys, "just scraped 50 mins" and "only 49:36" - these are times I aspire to and you can't always get a PB. Having said that I did get one at 51:13, next target sub 51.

    Finally thanks to all the marshalls who were very friendly again.
  • Hi wine man sorry mate did not mean to be disrespectful to anyone who does these times i was just chessed off that i picked up an injury yesterday so was hoping for a new pb due to this being a flatter course.
    Anyway well done to you on getting a pb
    All the best
  • Just noticed results are up on alchester site
  • I was after a PB too - but finished just outside it!! My watch time was 47:50, but I see from the results my official time was 47:37 - just 14 seconds to get off next year!!!!

    I was disappointed with the hot bacon sandwiches - I'd assumed from the comment at the top of this page, that they were free for runners. I'd left my money in the car, so had to go without!!!!
  • I was looking for a pb too (around 37mins would of been nice) but a niggling muscle that i'd had for the last 3 months combined with doing crowborough 10k the week before and almost freezing temperatures caused it to let go at 4k at about the furthest point from the start, so I hobbled/jogged back, was quite surprised to still get 47 mins dead.

    But god it was pretty cold and boring crawling around that airfield :)
  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭
    Just lurking - not wishing to dampen spirits, but surely as runners we race because we want too race, not to race for the memento at the end.

    Lurk over......

  • I found the run around the airfield quite bracing actually. And a sub-40 PB to boot, so a big "Hurrah!" from me!

  • RFJ - you are right, the primary reason for running is not the present at the end. I got a PB and that is valuable to me. Having said that, I personally do like getting medals or whatever, just as a souvenir of the event. Also, if they are going to give something, make it half good, or just don't bother and make the race cheaper. The keyring with white stick on label was particularly poor; I imagine that Coventry B/S give them away with new accounts. Not quite the worst I've had but close to it.
  • I finally got around to looking at it tonight and it's now in the bin. What's the point? Just don't bother if that's all that can be acquired. Like you say, most people probably just want an event and not loads of free crap.
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