Nearly Got her

It had just gone seven in the morning and the light is bad, it's foggy and I'm on my way to work in my WHITE VAN when out of the murk she appears trotting along the side of the road all in black and grey, Lady Deathwish, what's wrong with high viz clothing and a bit of common sense, this is an unlit country road over hung with trees, fortunatly I know this road having seen one or two accidents there in the past, I wasn't going that fast.
It's that time of year though, cyclists will be breaking out their darkest clothing and removing lights from their bikes.
Maybe it's a new fad, fitness by stealth.


  • Its a well known fact that ninja cyclists never get hit.

    Maybe you could have entitled your thread with something a bit more relevant though so that these grey runners will read it and think - hang on - that could have been me !

    Hi Viz is great.
  • I agree! Trouble is we like to look good in our running gear, and bright leggings with a luminous yellow bib is so last century.

    I bought a new l/s top online and when it came to choosing the colour I so wanted to select black, but instead I chose white for better viz. Quite a radical choice for me but safer on country roads.

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