Wilmslow Half Mrathon

This will be my first time at Wilmslow. What are peoples experience of parking on the day? Should I drive or get the train from Heaton Chapel?


  • There is plenty of parking at the rugby club if you get there early but streets nearby get very busy. i think if i could get there easily without the car I would
  • If you read the latest news on the website it says that the rugby club fields and surrounding areas will be unlikely to be used for parking given the weather we've had in the last few months (Mainly grassy areas rather than actual hardcore parking or tarmac)

    Street parking is likely to be the option for most people going by car

    Would suggest getting there a bit earlier than you intended

    It's my first run at Wilmslow, I've taken a couple of junior rugby teams there in the past and access hasn't been great so can imagine it's a bit of a struggle with 5000 runners and associated marshalls, supporters etc

    Not sure where the best place to park would be if you don't fancy gambling on being able to park on the street within a reasonable distance

  • I don't want to jinx this, but this sounds like it could be an absolute nightmare. Last year, I thought I had left loads of time, but the traffic queues getting there were pretty incredible (from well before the tunnel under the airport runway). If there is no on-field parking, this will surely only add to the problems. I would strongly recommend anyone able to take public transport to do so. Wilmslow station is less than a mile walk away. A nice warm-up!

  • Would echo the above comments - either try to get public transport or arrive with plenty of extra time to spare if you need to park your car. There's usually congestion when the rugby field is available for parking but if it's not then clearly things will be worse.

    I'm in the fortunate position of being able to walk to the start line but, knowing the area well, I'm struggling to see how all the cars are going to be parked in reasonably close proximity to the start/race HQ.

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