Strained Adductor muscles

Has anybody had a strained adductor and how long did it last? I have been suffering with pain in the upper groin for almost 6 weeks now. The injury was diagnosed by a physio as a strained adductor over a month ago now. Despite revisits for ultrasound, daily stretching and strengthening exercises the pain will not go away.


  • Graham - I had this - but only for a few weeks. Without sounding like a cliche, the thing that really helped was was rest, rest and more rest. I didn't run for a full 10 days and stuck ice on the area for at least 20 mins whenever I could. As well as ultrasound, you need your physio to do some vigorous massage too.Hope it gets better soon!
  • Graham - I had this just before FLM 2001 I missed the last four weeks training because of it. I did complete the race though but had to jog the last 10. It took about a further 6 weeks after London for me to get back into training. For London 2002 I also completed a programme of weight training especially on my adductor and abductor. I sufferedno problems at all that year I my speed increased aswell. Hope this helps and you are back running soon.
  • Graham - My Greyhound had the same problem, It got no better so we had to retire him and put him out to to stud !!

    I bet you're looking forward to that !!

  • I found a Rocket Ice Lolly - strategically placed - worked wonders!!
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