Joining in

I went training tonight with the club. After the warm up the adults and some of the youngsters went of to do shuttle runs.
After that back to the sports hall for a cool down, we had to wait for the kids ,nearly 50 to finish of their games,we joined in, it was great fun, the look of disgust when I fumbled a baton handover during the relay to a 10 year old 4ft nothing soon put me in my place, made her father laugh too. The point is we'd nearly always done our own thing, adults being serious and the kids enjoying themselves and laughing, by joining in with the kids we were laughed at and had a laugh too, puts things in perspective.


  • Sounds like fun.

    You will have to practice your baton changes, if you want to play again.
  • I don't know about that - a few years ago the British team used to do that sort of thing all the time.
  • Kids and coaches, soon tell you when youv'e got it wrong and it was fun.
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