Expert advice please???

I wish to work out what BPM I need to achieve in order to increase my fitness.....

I used to do alot of running many many years ago and my normal heartrate when exercising hard was upto 228Bpm.

I wish to begin trianing and get fit once again (and lose some weight) but I have a medical infringment.
I have to take medication which as a byproduct reduces my heartrate considerably.
Even after very hard sprinting I can only obtain around 120-130bpm.

Can anybody offer any advice please as to what I need to do???

I just think that perhaps being limited to such a low heartrate can I improve my fitness and if so how???
I have a resting HR of 70Bpm. I am 34years old.


  • Not an expert, but without having any clear idea of why you are on medication and what, I think few would dare direct your training.

    However, there are the obvious suggestions of doing a lot more walking and cycling as ways of getting from a to b.

    Core stablity, either Pilates or yoga are great ways to get control of your muscles. As someone very much older than you, I can say that it is very good for leaving you feeling very much younger and livelier.

    Many many years ago from one as young as you suggests that you did school athletics. The heart rate of a teenager is no guide to what the 34 year old heart will do. There are a number of threads here about heart rates, and base training.

    What does fitness mean to you? The ability to run a sub 4 marathon? A lean physique? The ability to carry a heavy pack and cover many miles over rough terrain? Getting off the meds?

    There are all sorts of experts on here who might be able to advise. You might give them a little more to go on.
  • Thanks for the reply.

    To answer some of your questions:

    Pilates or Yoga would be out of the question since I cannot afford to pay for any form of training.

    I have performed many different types of physical training over many years. From Judo at the age of 10, to Karate, Ninjutsu,Kung Fu and Boxing. Was a Royal Marine at 16 so used to running great distances with packs :-) (in the mud and rain). However since leaving the forces now some 3 years ago I have put on some weight as having 2 young children has prevented me being able to train as much as I used too. Ive always suffered with a health problem but it has luckily not shown itself during the best past of being fit in my life. However, now with my fitness reduced and other difficulties in my life the illness has returned hence the need for the medication.
    My illness is not heart related.

    I wish to increase my fitness mainly for 2 reasons.
    1. To lose some of the extra weight I have put on
    2. To gain some of the health benefits from regular exercise. This i feel could help me come back of the meds.
  • hello
    i guess you are on beta blockers

    what are these for
    There may well be an alternative
    if you dont wish to discuss this in public, i am e mail enabled

    i am medically qualified-kidney doc, so deal with blood pressure a fair bit too
  • Plodding Hippo,

    Thanks for the reply.

    I would prefer to discuss any particulars ofline.

    You have Email
  • my pilates DVD cost under a fiver - like running it can cost as much or little as you want it to!
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