training session saturday 22 feb

what: i'll tell you later
why: because i don't know yet


  • Morning,

    What: National XC
    Why: Great race
    Last hard: Tue
    Last rest: Fri

    Enjoy your training & racing today!
  • What: 22 miles, hilly
    Why: why the eck not, eh!
    Last hard: Tues
    Last res: Fri

    Good luck at the Nationals BT, have fun all
  • Good luck to all those racing

    what:gentle spin on bike & then sauna
    why: Great North West 1/2 on Sun
    Last Hard:Last week
    Last Rest:Yesterday
  • prob nowt, cos, on call again
    long run tomorrow
  • Morning All!!
    what-3hr easy!!
    why-club run
    last hard- aerobiking yesterday
    last running rest-yesterday
    last total rest-2weeks ago!!
    Have a good weekend all you lot and race hard y'all!!!!!

  • best of luck for today, Big Tim - I'm sure you're going to do great things as usual.

    Snicks - enjoy your 22 miler (!). you really are taking things seriously!
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Big T - good luck at the nationals
    Snicks - enjoy the long run today
    Mike S & Drew good to see you back with it.

    What : probably 4 miles easy with 4-5 * 100m strides
    Why : Bramley 20 tomorrow

    Race Prediction (last year 2:43)
    Pleased : 2.27-2.30
    Disappointed : 2.30-2.35
    Very miffed : sub 2.35
    Elated : 2.24-2.27
    Cigars : sub 2.24

    Planning to run at target marathon pace (aiming for 3h15 so around 2.28 for the 20m)
    Only thing worrying me is its been nearly three weeks since my last long run (18.7m), everything since has been <13miles....
    Still I feel fairly good and I think there are a handful of forumites aiming for a similar time.....

    Good luck everyone else with their endeavours/races this weekend
  • Morning all and run well all those racing!

    Me I'm off for a 22 mile long run too. A beautiful route, except it has one hill a mile long up to Portland and then a long drag from sea level to how many thousand feet I don't know. But can't beat the views out to sea-I'm sure I can see France:)

    I'll be thinking of you doing yours Snicks when I'm out there. Enjoy!!

    Why:long run of the week. Should have been tomorrow, but the weather today is great and too good to miss, so swapped training around.

    Last rest:just a swim last night.

    Last hard:Thursday.
  • Lots of work planned today, I see. Most impressed!

    What: Long one (OK, long for me). 10 miles easy pace, might extend if I fancy it.
    Why: Saturday, and not racing tomorrow.
    Hard: Tuesday.
    Rest: Yesterday.

    Good luck to those who can use it.
  • Morning all.

    What: 18 miles LSD
    Why: training schedule
    Last hard: Wed
    Last rest: Fri

    Did 19.5 miles in 3 hours 30 mins in the end but it was really hard after the long flight yesterday and because Johannesburg is quite high at 5500 feet.
  • Good luck Big Tim.
    I'm sure you'll fly tomorrow Dustin, escaped the sickness bug did you? I've moved into the spare room, and have invisible no-go zone around my person to minimise the chances of getting other half's horrible flu bug!! In fact if things carry on, I may need somewhere to crash for a while, say until the 14th April, any offers?

    Have fun today Snicks and Hilly, weather's still fantastic here too, most setttled period since about September I'd say.

    So, come out of the bunker then Achilles?

    Glad you're better Mike.

    What: 7 miles easy.
    Why: longish marathon pace run planned for tomorrow. Wish I was racing as running's feeling really good this week.
    Last hard: yesterday's intervals.
    Last rest: Mon
  • goodness, the threads are while quiet this morning

    What: 15miler long run
    Why: Because I'm insane
    Last Hard: Wed Speedwork
    Last Easy: Rest Day yesterday

  • What: nothing
    Why: because I'm really excited I'm running 15 miles tomorrow and I'm finally feeling fit and well and so is my girlfriend who's had flu for the last two weeks
    last hard: last week
    last rest: thursday

    Another weight off my mind is I had to change my shoes and as they don't make the model I wear anymore I've got to change - and the new ones (just running them in at the moment) make the old oness seem, well, so last year!

    and it's sunny.

    and I'm cooking kedgeree
  • Didn't post yesterday, but that was a rest day anyway. As for today:

    What: 10 miles. This is the longest I have run since I returned to running and it was a bit of a struggle. Mainly because I had a massive hill after 5 miles. I'm used to big hills but they're usually early in my routes when I'm fresh, not 5 miles in. But I somehow resisted the urge to walk, although my pace was only just above walking pace at times. But when I finally got to the top had a "Nothing can stop me now" feeling and was strong for the remainder of the run. I'm glad I did it.
    Why: Need to start running further.
    Last Rest: yesterday.
    Last Hard: Today definately counts!

    Annoyingly the batteries went on my Timex SDM half way through, so I don't know exactly how far I went. But I did a reccy in my car last night and that came to 10.2 miles.

    Good luck anyone who is racing.
  • Good luck with the nationals Tim.
    What- actually did 40 minutes on the turbo trainer in front of Lord of the Rings then jumped on the treadmill for 3 miles, am taking it easy as I've got last cross country then 30 mile canal run back after.
  • hi again everyone - what a sensational day.

    hilly - good luck with the 22 miler, what a fantastic part of the world you've got there!

    Monique - 30 miles after a x-country race!!!! did I read that correctly? guess that theory about women not training as hard as men needs some serious revision ;-)

    Laura - I've only ventured out in full chemical and biological protective gear - made running this morning a bit of a chore!

    what: 8 miles fartlek with 1K reps @ faster than 10K pace
    why: trying foolishly to cram four days training into three (injury in waiting!)
    last hard day: yesterday's 2M intervals
    last rest: Thursday (enforced by w@rk -grrrr)

    enjoy the great weather, everyone - I reckon we've deserved it after the last two months.
  • What : 20k rowing with 5x4x3x2x1 race pieces thrown in for good measure
    Why : Racing tomorrow, should have had a second outing but the 8 Novices using the boat between outings decided to write it off with another 8. Will be using the womens 8 tomorrow then for the race

    Last Hard : This morning probably, more although Wednesday was a lot harder

    Last Rest : Friday!

    Happy running all and what ever other sports you're doing
  • Afternoon!

    Good luck to you all for your events over the weekend.

    What: Full weight body session

    Why: Thats what saturday is planned for

    Last Hard: Thursday

    Last Rest: Friday

    Hoping to put in a 18 miler tomorrow.

  • Cheers Achilles! I agree where I live is actually a beautiful part of the world. I don't quite appreciate it when I'm trudging up Portland hill, but on the way back down, now that's bliss and then I can actually appreciate the view.

    Went further than planned because I was feeling so good. Did just over 23 miles in 3hrs 3mins, which for the route I ran was very good. The sun was shining, which was great, but still rather windy, but at least it wasn't a cold wind! For the first 15 miles I actually felt like I was jogging, but was enjoying being out so much I had no intention of pushing the pace. Felt relaxed for the whole run, with only the last 3, very undulating, causing me to feel tired. Did the last 5 miles in 38.45, which again is pleasing and could have gone on and finished a marathon. Just a shame there still weeks to go.

    Best of luck Monique on that huge run and of course the x-country!!

    How did you get on Snick?

    Everyone else well done on your runs and keep up the good work.

    Doesn't it feel great when the run is done!
  • forgive any typo errors! EDIT NEEDED RW!!
  • Hello all! It's not particularly nice here. It was foggy until mid-morning, and is cold and damp and overcast. Hope tomorrow's a bit nicer for my long run.

    What: BodyPump for an hour, and finally got signed up for 6 months of personal training. Also walked about 11 miles hereabouts and thereabouts doing this and that.
    Why: The personal training consultation was in the time I'd normally have been on the stepper and in the pool.
    Last rest day: Yesterday.
    Last hard day: Thursday.

    Good luck, racers!
  • Feel not worthy to post today !!

    Hilly (23 miles ?!), Snicks (22 !!), Mr Creosote (no such thing as 3 hr easy), Colly M (20 miles @ altitude ??) ... n-n-nuts, all of you. Great stuff. Good luck Dustin at Bramley.

    What: 1 hr speedwork and hills with club
    Why: Saturday social
    Last hard: Thur
    Last rest: yesterday

    Feeling knackered, slept half the afternoon. Wondering if my 46 mile week for a while (much as I have ever reached) is catching up, and if 21 miles tomorrow is a good idea or not.
  • 30 miles home after xcountry race Monique??? I know trains are bad on Sundays but that's surely ridicolous. Best of luck, here, have one of these swedish lent cream buns I'm in the process of making.

    Congrats on your long run Hilly, that's awesome length and pace, sounds like you're ready for the marathon now!

    Look forward to hearing about your personal trainer Vrap, does he/she realise what they've taken on?? I mean anything they recommend you'll have already discussed with at least 25 people on the forum.

    Have fun tomorrow all.

  • hilly, wow! sounds like you had a fantastic run - that's quite a pace for 23 miles, even for you. looks like everything's coming together brilliantly. and thanks for the great view from Portland :-)

    Laura - any Swedish Lent cream buns left? or am I still in the doghouse? ;-)
  • Laura, the words "Lent" and cream" surely don't belong in the same recipe title! Sounds intriguing. Please, please toddle over to Triple F and share the recipe!

    If the personal trainer can see me through a couple of marathons, show me how to avoid losing fitness after my hernia repair in May and be back at peak fitness for the Trailwalk, she'll be well worth her fees. And I've checked her credentials - she runs, she's carnivorous, and she doesn't believe in supplements. That's a good start.
  • Evening all. Some serious running going on today - well done everybody.

    Nowt for me today except a leisurely 1.5hr stroll with the dogs through some woodland enjoying the lovely spring-like weather.

    RW paced run for me tomorrow will hopefully give an indication on how FLM training is going.
  • Hilly - fantastic run! You'se a one fast lady. Monique, insane, but hugely impressive. Mr C if it makes you feel any better only managed 21 (although To be confirmed - might be surprised) in 3:09. I was a little disappointed in the time, but it was very hilly, and I did have a migraine - literally could not see for the first 40 minutes. This was due to not eating properly for the last two days because I was out when the Tesco delivery arrived - I know, I know, by 35, basics like eating should be second nature. Oh well. Beautiful day - and even though I'm not as fast as I want to be I do completely love this running lark!
  • Good luck Dustin and Ratbag - look forward to hearing about your long tomorrow Laura!
  • Laura-we'd all have liked some of those buns! Puts me to shame, I just never cook. Mind I've never been that good in the kitchen. My poor kids..........

    Achilles-I just felt so relaxed today and wasn't even interested in a time. I do get a little worried that I'm running so well now and hope it lasts until after London. I'm a little further ahead than I was last year, but feeling better than last year too, so fingers crossed and toes!

    Snicks-well done, especially running with a migraine! I wouldn't say I was fast Snicks, although I know I 'hold my own' in my age group. You also run a good pace and it'll get faster, just be patient!
  • Evening All,
    best of luck to all weekend racers.

    Well after an exceptionally slack week (in running terms, work-wise it was a bit heavy) will redeem myself in full tomorrow (22-23 miler with an ex-2:30 marathoner, fortunately he's gone a bit soft the last few years, phew!).

    What: 1 hr x-train at gym
    Why: Saturday session
    Last hard run: I'd have to say, umm, 13th Feb
    Last rest day: Thursday

    Drew, good to see you posting again mate. Mike S, get well. Hilly, awesome stuff. BT, best of luck. Snicks, WOW, great mileage and all others, good to be back, looking forward to the race reports and get that mileage in people ;-)
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