finding a running partner

Any ideas?

I have been running for about a year ( on and mostly off!) and joined a running club to spur me on although I can only go once a week. I am currently running at weekends and mornings on my own but need company for motivation ( and to stop me getting bored and giving up) I live in a large suburban area in the North east and see people out running all the time but have no idea how to find a like minded person ( without coming across as some sort of nutter)

Any ideas?


  • Ann
    how far NE, and what is your pace?
  • I live in the Teesside area, as to my pace .....I dont really know, somewhere around an 11 minute mile. It depends who i am running with because if i'm on my own i slow down. I know that i run faster with others because when i can make it to the running club i run farther and faster than i do on my own.
  • Ann
    I am a 'plodder' who would love to train with you if we live close enough. I live in Darlington.
  • thanks ann.. had my mother in mind, but she's quite a bit further north...

    good luck in the search
  • Any hints and tips for a complete begginner at 50 would be appreciated
  • I want to find a running partner or partners in the Sandal area or south Wakefield, e.g.round NewMillar Dam or Pugneys or further afield. I recently completed Couch to 5K with my wife, in the summer. In the past I 've run 10K and Half Marathons. I'm fit from swimming and walking regularly,and want to get back into running several times a week.

  • I am looking for a partner in Bridgend area. I am a Complete unfit, overweight beginner looking to do Super Sprint Triathlon in September.
  • ?
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