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Have purchased an £80 pair of Brooks shoes from Easy Runner Bristol.Took them home and cant run in them for more than 1/2 mile without getting shin splints and cramped calfs.They are similar to my last pair of shoes which were also Brooks.Took them back to the shop and the owner wont give me a refund or change them for another pair.Says they are too dirty on the sole to sale on!!
Where do i stand here legally as they are totally useless to me?


  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭
    Saying that they're not fit for purpose? Tricky one and almost certainly not worth the cost of a small claim!!!

    Did you try the shoes in the shop?

    If not, then I'd doubt you can complain that they're not right for you.

    Also, in my experience Easy Runner say that you should try new shoes on the treadmill so that if they don't work for you they will still look pretty 'box fresh'.

    Against that, think how you'd feel if you were sold a pair of shoes that had 30/50 miles on the clock - peeved, I should think.

    There's no 'right' answer to this one, imho.
  • Jools B
    Thanks for the advice.I did try them on in shop and they felt ok,have only done ten miles in them.I have no access to a tread mill so road running was the only option.Have cleaned them up now and they look ok.Am going back to shop tomorrow.
  • Paul,

    I've had my troubles with Easy Runner, too. I know a lot of people swear by them but IMHO they're neither particularly helpful/friendly nor competitively priced. Unfortunately, there is not a lot of choice elsewhere in Bristol. In future, you might try Sportshoe or Sweatshop in the health club out at Southmead (Next Generation). The guys in Sweatshop seem like a good bunch and know what they're talking about without the slightly supercilious attitude you get at Easy Runner.
  • Gashead,
    Have to agree with you there,they are rather arrogant aswell.Went back yesterday and they couldn't understand why i was unable to run in the shoes.I said to them surely i'm not the first person to ever bring a pair of shoes back?
    The way they carried on about it ,you would have thought i was.I asked for another pair or a refund and they said they had procedures to follow.So now my shoes have been sent back to Brooks for examnination to see if there is a fault!!
    What a load of cobblers.I now have to wait for a call from Brooks.
    I think maybe Trading Standards are gonna have to get involved.
    Thanks for the shop recommendations,will try them once this is resolved.I will NEVER do business with Easy Runner again.
  • I had trouble with Easy Runner a few years ago. I basically bought a pair of shoes from them with their recommendations. I ran with them on the treadmill and didn't get on with them so (as I was only visiting Bristol) asked if I could send them back and get a refund.

    I quoted trading standards at them (in fact I read it out over the phone) and the owner got VERY irritable. He then said that he'd send me another pair of shoes, but again, they weren't suitable.

    Eventually after another delightful conversation/him swearing and getting very angry, he refunded me my money (on the proviso that I took back a rant that I put up on this forum) and told me NEVER to buy from his shop again... Which suits me down to the ground.
  • Paul
    Pain in the butt i know but have tried going to Gloucester?....good sports shop there called Gloucester Sports Shop...i have used Easy Runner in Bristol and whilst they were "OK" i will not be going back there again..
  • Must confess that I can only report bad things from easyrunner. Was told by the assistant manager at the time that "it's typical of you f*&%ing club runners come in here spend an hour of a sales assistants time to get the right trainers go home find them cheaper on the net and bring them back and expect a refund". Must confess that it's the only time I've ever come close to dragging someone outside and wiping the pavement with his face but just about managed to restrain myself. I will never darken their door again. Ended up with a refund but that was only after having go back and speak to the owner.
  • Ooh...I've tried on things there and then bought on the net. But that's because they're so damned expensive!! Surprised there have been bad experiences at Easy Runner though, I always assumed they were good. In their defence they can't sell on a pair of shoes you've worn outside and got dirty so they don't need to give a refund - you've paid your money and made your choice.

    Vote of confidence in Sweatshop - they've got an excellent young fella who knows his stuff there. Mind you, still wouldn't dream of paying store prices there either!
  • Thanks all for the feedback.
    Well,went back in today to find out what the score was ,and amazingly enough,after lots of praise on their good service by me(only to get new shoes i might add ,it was all lies!)i got some new shoes!!!
    Yipee,never go there again though as they are rude and arrogant and expensive.
    To Big Bloke:felt the same way as you my friend!
  • Oh ,i forgot to mention that the assistant Manager said that i was "marked now".
    Meaning he will be looking out for me in case i try the same thing again!!!!
    No chance of that ever happening.
    Happy running all.
  • Why would they even think you wanted to do that? It's very strange behaviour indeed.
  • my understanding of the consumer law, is once you have used the shoes, the shop has no liabilty unless the shoes are faulty so they didn't have to give a refund, but as a act of good faith they could have offered a credit for the goods, as for there customer service thats a problem only they can sort out
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