Matthew Walker 10k Xmas Pud Race

Anyone doing this one?


  • Yes me. I've done this race the last 2 years and really enjoy it. A mixture of roads, country lanes, with a few hills thrown in. Very friendly, well organised and the pud is great.
  • Ah good.

    Ran it last year as my 2nd ever race so I will see how much I've improved or not!

    Remember it being very cold and icey.

    My email notifications are abit hit and miss at the moment.

  • Me too.

    I'm doing this one too. Never done it before.

    So I should wrap up warme then? Thanks for the advice. :0)
  • Yes I should wrap up warm it's been fer fer freezing each time I've done it.
  • yes - I will be doing this run for the first time - it will only be the fourth race I will have taken part in. Still very much a novice - started running in May 06
  • It's lumpy. Start was narrow last year so if you don't want some serious traffic head for the front.

    Ps it's lumpy; the hill you run down at the start? Guess what?

  • Ran this race a few times really enjoyed it look forward to this years run.
  • I'm in, work permitting. Can I have a yule log instead of a christmas pud?
  • It looks like being a good day as the Race Full signs are now being put. Good luck to all you "lucky" ones, hope you all have a good run and enjoy that pud!
  • I'm running it again.It's a nice route and well organised.The pud is very good also.
  • **Stockport 10**

    Well things certainly seem to be looking good for our race on 10th December. The goody bag and its contents will be amazing - I can see people talking about it for years. And then there is the GOLDEN goody bag - brilliant!!
  • Apologies for infiltrating your thread advertising the Stockport race. I realise this was probably not the right way to promote the race.
  • Good luck to everyone in the Pud Race tomorrow. Looks like it's going to be milder than previous years.

    ES, yes booger off and start your own thread. Your avatar is particularly offensive. ;-)
  • i cant find the button to apply online!?!

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