Great South Run

What a difference from the last two years, I ran a PB based on the thought that I had warm dry clothes at the finish.
Luckily I was in the orange wave and managed to get near the front so I didn't get caught up with the "walkers". It is a great run though. I think it could be better if the waves were organised by estimated times.
Another bonus, the trains were running this year too.


  • I imagine this could have been a good run if organised better. Starting in the third wave was terrible if you were looking to run, with so many walkers and slow runners from the first two waves I gave up on a good time after two miles. Thought the route was also fairly dull but maybe this was due to the bad weather.
    Frankly I found it quite boring and poorly organised, not a patch on the GNR and in future I think I'll stick to the far more enjoyable locally organised 10 mile events.

    Plus I got injured when someone through a water bottle on the floor with its lid still on right in front of me.
  • Yeah, you didn't see Portsmouth and Southsea at it's best and perhaps the GSR is getting a bit big, and people who don't intend to try too hard should be a bit more thoughtfull, I was running for a local charity but I was also trying for a PB.
  • Just like to add that this was my first 10 mile race and was runing in the green wave but hoping for a good time. Wouldn't say I enjoyed it more that I endured it. It was great to see some cheery spectators who were enthusiastic in their encouragement, some however looked wetter than I was and completely miserable. Thought the last two miles were an absolute killer with that wind and torrentail rain. All in a wet and truely memorable day. Enjoyed it really!
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