Running in Israel

Might be a bit of a long shot but I'm looking for some advice from Israeli residents - I'm going to work in Israel for two weeks (based in Jerusalem for the most part) and am wondering if anyone knows if there are any good places to run or any training groups out there......?



  • My husband was out there just before the recent disturbance. His advice? It doesn't matter where you run, you had just better hope that you are fast enough!
  • CityChick,
    I have been in Israel a few times and have always went running with no problems whatsoever.

    I stayed in Herzlia close to Tel Aviv and had a 15K loop up the beach and round the town.

  • Thanks both - I've just found out that all the hotels I'm in have gyms, so I'll be able to put in some miles there - but nothing beats running outside for getting a good look at a place. I'm in Tel Aviv for a night or so, so maybe I'll try it then...

    I have Hellrunner as soon as I get back, and I think I'll have more than enough to cope with on that course without having some decent training in my legs!

  • Hey everyone offers for a hotel located on the coast strip and the start line for the marathon in Tel-Aviv called luski suites. The deal includes breackfast before the run and after the run. Chech it out!!!!

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