Looking for a shop selling good running gear in Newcastle upon Tyne

Hey everyone

I am in need of new running shoes and am looking for advice. I live in Newcastle upon Tyne and wondered if anyone had any ideas about where I could go to get the right running shoes.

Thanks a lot.



  • Northern Runner has been recommended to me.
  • I think I should just set up a direct debit with them, the amount of money I spend there.
    They are in Low Friar Street. Go through The Gate and they are about 100yards up on the right.
  • Yep, Northern Runner as well.
  • You'll get sound advice and good kit from Northern Runner, but you'll pay for it! Start Fitness is worth a visit - the staff are a good bunch and prices are much more reasonable. You'll find them underneath Argos in Eldon Square. For trail running/adventure racing stuff try Wildtrak on St Andrews Street opposite Co-op.
  • another vote for Start Fitness here - great in person and fantastic off the website :o)
  • Definatley go for start fitness! They were in Eldon Square but I think they may have to the monument. I have actually moved to Yorkshire but always travel back to see my folks in Newcastle or go to start fitness shop in Durham. They do gait analysis for free and staff are very very helpfull, I always spend loads of money. Hope this is helpful. I won't buy from anywhere else.
  • Thanks for the advice.

  • My vote goes to Northern Runner - always good advice and I have found most things priced ok
  • Another Start Fitness vote here. Just bought a pair of shoes there today actually. Friendly service, always time to chat about running, and excellent advice.
    Having said that, I've never heard a bad word about Northern Runner either.

    Start Fitness are still in Eldon Square for their main branch, the new shop by the monument has limited stock, I believe.

    If you know what brand of shoes you prefer it might make a difference. I don't think Start Fitness hold Saucony, or New Balance for example. (May have the wrong names there, but I know they don't carry every brand)Siilarly, Northern Runner don't do Adidas, which is my prefered shoe.
  • A disappointing experience, after several creditable recommendations!

    Popped in on Mon 5 Mar 13 to buy a pair of specialist running shoes. The shop assistant was friendly, knowledgeable and seamed genuinely interested in kitting us out in the "best suited" footwear, he clearly knows "his business"!

    Que - 1 hour later 2 x pairs of trainers bought (Mission accomplished)

    Brooks Glycerin10 - £110.00 (staff recommended as a substitute for my much loved Asics Nimbus)

    Brooks Pureflow - £99.99

    Having worn the Brooks Glycerin for a little under 30 mins around the house that evening it become apparent that they weren't as good of a fix as I first thought?
    Having returned the shoes the following morning to ask for a refund on the (Glycerin only) the tone of the staff changed dramatically! They were unwilling to offer a refund - quote"we are a small business and cannot afford to keep stock on the shelves"...

    He did, however, offer me a credit note of £110 although was not willing to budge on his refund policy! I asked why he did not explain the refund policy to me when I purchased the trainers and he simply said "Its lawful, I don't need to".

    Hmmm - Que disgruntled customer, who has noticed Nimbus 14 in a shop (Start Fitness) 2 mins away!

    Having checked with the Citizens Advice, Northern Runners returns policy is completely legal, although they explained that shops who operate out of what has become the known for returns, should explain their out of the norm policy at the time of purchase. (NR did not)


    Having handed over a further £20 he agreed to order in a pair of Asics Nimbus.

    Info -

    1. Start Fitness is 2 mins away from Northern Runner
    2. Staff are knowledgeable, friendly with no hidden (capture) agendas, who offer a refund policy if returned within 28 days of purchase with the usual caveat that they are not worn outside.
    3. Start Fitness sell:

    Brooks Glycerin10 (off the shelf) - £89.99 (saving £19.99 on Northern Runners price).
    Brooks Pureflow (Size 4) - An astonishing £49.99 (saving £50 on Northern Runners price).
    Asics Nimbus 14 - £99.99 (saving £30 on Northern Runners price).

    I was taken in with their front of shop, you don't have to, head for straight for Start Fitness!



  • They really pi$$ed you off, didn't they
  • Used Start for a good few years - top staff and willing to have a little 'discussion' on most prices - and always throw in goodies when I go back - socks with shoes etc
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