Yup, done that.

I did actually attend my local running club... and enjoyed it. Very friendly bunch. 3 mile cross country through the Forest of Dean. Dappled sunlight.
Yes, I think I'll go again.


  • Sounds Magical Barkles, glad you enjoyed it and that they were a friendly crowd.
    But what a difference Barkles from the start of the summer holidays - you must be pleased - how's the back holding out?
  • In the words of the cliche - I'm taking a bit at a time. It's going to be ok, but taking longer than I expected, but quicker than the specialist suggested.
    I get a bit frustrated to be honest, but I'll be back to my version of fitness by Christmas.
    I'd have accepted this in July!
  • Good move Barkles - joining a club has helped no end with my running, I suspect if I hadn't, I would've ground to a halt by now.

    Easy does it, Christmas isn't that far away you know :)
  • That is great news Barkles. Hope it keeps going like this.
  • Well done! I have been club running a couple of times and would love to run x country again, but down ere in Tooting, x country means going into a park!
  • Good for you Barkles, that's bound to help your running. Glad you're back on your feet again too.
  • Barkles

    Glad to hear you are a running man again.
    Where abouts in the forest do you live/ run? I work in Gloucestershire and like visiting
    Puzzle Wood
    and the Sculpture trail, and keep meaning to get around to doing one of those
    multi-terrain races held in the forest. What a beautiful place to run!

  • Loads of great places to run. There are all the cycle paths. A good one runs from Cannop to parkend. As marathon build up I used to run from work in Cinderford, via Coleford to my house in Monmouth 17 miler with hellish hills.
    The club has established a couple of measured tracks in conjunction with Adidas apparently. Don't know where tho'.
    My kids love the sculpture trail.
  • I'm lucky too, I've got the Malverns. These Thames valley forumites with their Busheys and
    their Windsors don't know what theyare missing!
    I've read of those Adidas tracks on the web, they are not v long tho. Not that I'd be wnating
    to emulated your commute home!
    Did you do the Gloucetershire 1/2 last year? That was my first ever race - fond memories (tho
    not best place to learn lesson that it is NOT a good idea to drink tea just before running to release
    your fatty acids!!)
    Hope to see you in a local fixture once you are fully fit again.
  • Glad you enjoyed the club experience Barkles and it's good to hear you're doing so well with your back.
  • Badge

    Hoping to be fit soon. Will enter some local events, and will advertise the fact beforehand, thus allowing considerable p*** taking.
    See you on some local jaunt.
  • I knew you would enjoy yourself. Lets hope more forumulite's??? follow your lead & join thier local club.
  • Barkles, I've meant to go along to Shrewsbury AC but somehow never got round to it. This will give me a push.

    Local hills are at Church Stretton - I did the Cardington Cracker there last year - or was it the year before - in early December - freezing cold and a climb of 2,800 feet in 9 and a half miles - it was the first real fell race I'd done, I can't remember the time but I came 172/208 and felt really pleased just to have finished. It's a really terrific race, I ran a long way with a bloke from Bridgwater - I couldn't believe he'd come so far. There's another great race around the Mortimer Forest at Ludlow - completely undersold...

  • When I'm fit who knows.

    Or who knows when I'll be fit?

    Snoop? Comment surely due here
  • Barkles - good on you - you can't beat a sociable club run (especially if it finishes in the pub.

    SY3 - good to see a mention for the Mortimer's Forest 10 - I was running in the vicinity with the club (Ludlow Runners) earlier this evening - wonderful views all round you won't have seen them in December. Are you running the Radcliff fell race on Wednesday ? last of the summer series at Stretton.

    Isn't it gret to have real hills to run on?
  • Barkles what a lovely area you live in, went to Coleford last year for a 4 x 4 driving course stayed at Speech House Hotel, lovely 200 year old 4 poster bed, in my suite (perks of booking everything). Glad your back is improving and that you will soon be back to racing, bit of a diference from the dejected runner of a few months ago.
  • Good to know you are coming back, the only time I've been running in the Forest of Dean was when some bastard tried to break into my car whilst I was having a family picnic.

    Have you seen the 5 miler at at Celtic Manor on 29th September? Are you interested? I picked up details at the Greyhound in Llantrisant last Thursday, seemes to be more of a fun event with a little fundraising for Cancer Research. It's a possible for me after the Swansea 10k on 22nd.

  • Any details on the MORTIMER FOREST MULTI-TERRAIN 10 MILE - could not find details on the web?
  • [looks in, and pads out, confused]
  • Searching on "Mortimer Forest" race google pulled up this thread and saw this mentioned:

    "There's another great race around the Mortimer Forest at Ludlow - completely

    I didn't notice the date of the message that the search found was in 2002 - but the question seems clear enough (to me anyway!)- why is that so confusing?

  • Because threads pulled out from the annals of history don't look right in the modern world!

    It's usually in mid December. Look harder. Try Wrekin road runners fixtures.
  • Already found that reference:

    The question mark indicated to me that they were not sure and didn't inspire confidence.

    The race was organised by Ludlow runners, but their website has not been updated since Dec 2003. Will have to see is there is contact details for someone knowledgeable.

    Thanks for you help anyway.
  • You need to summon Sythree. But title of this thread will not be calling to him.
    Try putting a thread on events?
    Good luck
  • Summon Sythree - it's getting like Black Magic in here.

    (and not the chocolates, although I wouldn't say no)

    Hiya Badge !

  • Hiya Cougie, how young we once were
    <waves back>
  • Awwww. Young was fun. Still, look at this
    <points to shiny new zimmer>
  • But you can hardly tell I'm a badger now - look more like a small polar bear!
  • Ahem... Polar bears are not that colour.
  • Could be if they've been down to the local fur salon ?
  • Wow!!!!!

    ...someone breathed life into my old thread!!!!

    (is veh honoured, if totally unable to help)

    Happy days of spinal injuries and pain killers and frolicking and so forth.
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