I've got tickets!!!!!!!!!

I am so chuffed. Just got two tickets to see England vs NZ at Twickenham, right behind the posts in the new South Stand.

I am so excited.....just hope i don't go into labour during the match...I'd hate to miss it.


  • why would you be bothered about politics during the match?
  • LOL M1!

    Loz, can I stop your excitment a second?

    Your going to get stuffed!
  • Well if we do, I hope it means the end of Robinson - useless git. My Gran knows more about rugby than he does.

    And even if we do get stuffed it will be my last chance to get to Twickenham for a while.

    And M1, really.....I just won't comment.
  • Never a finer point roz.

    he's done what for english rugby?

    Even the malta time are sniggering :-0
  • hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

    You are going to get sooooo stuffed.

    (So are Wales but the ABs will be putting out a full strength team against England and probably the third string against us.)

    And it's too late to change the coaching team before the World Cup.
  • He's set it back ten years, that's whart he's done. That's no mean achievement off the back of a winning world cup.

    Crash ball, kick, crash ball, scrum, stick the ball up your jumper......run into the oppoition. Suppress any individualist thinking and talent etc etc....I'm not bitter.
  • You forgot to include "encourage white line fever" Loz. How have England got so bad.

    I have Argentina tickets. Not convinced we can beat them either.
  • Tor
    You are banished from the homeland for 5 years. Hertic comments like that.

    enjoy and then throw an egg at him!
  • TT - I am being a typical Welsh person - my heart says we can win but my brain remembers all the hype last year. At the moment, my brain is ruling. And I'm depressed about the loss of Gwlad.
  • Do you know where I can get a dozen Ostrich Eggs?
  • an Ostrich Farm??

  • Ain't got none of them round here....and my milkman doesn't do them.
  • I would hope not, the poor bloke would be walking aound like John Wayne.
  • ROFL!

    Why Loz fancy a big fry up do you.

    I think chiken eggs fly better, as such.
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