Needing motivation


I completed my first half marathon in late September and loved it! Did much better than I expected and was super motivated! I decided to have a couple of weeks off as I had a back injury leading up to the race and thought I should rest it(possibly just an excuse!).
It is now over a month later and I have yet to get my lazy butt out the door for a run and in the mean time London has turned into a grey, wet and cold place!
Any suggestions and ideas to motivate me or general shaming for such laziness are urgently required!


  • Hi Belinda,

    Since you loved the Half so much, why not book yourself onto another one in a couple of months time? (Or however long you think it will take you to get back into fitness.)

    Think about how much you enjoyed the first one, and thatwill hopefully motivate you to get out there and get fit again for the next.

    I did my first Half this sunday and absolutely loved it. I can't wait for the next one now, so I'm planning a couple of easy weeks then back to the training schedule.

    I know it's really difficult if you've simply got out of the habbit of putting your trainers on and getting out there. Tell yourself you are definitely going to run 'tonight' or whenever and make sure nothing crops up which you could use as an excuse. Once you've got back into the habbit of getting out there and have another race to aim for, that might be all the motivation you need.

    Oh, and with the cold, dark months approaching, treat yourself to some new winter / reflective kit if you can.

    Hope that hels a bit.
  • Hi Belinda,

    I was in a similar situation after completing my first half marathon at the beginning of October.

    I found the best thing to do was to have another race planned. I booked up one for November and December and that keeps me going in the short term. And I entered another half marathon next year as something bigger to aim for.

    If I felt like I couldn't be bothered, I'd make myself think how great it would feel afterwards and slowly I'm getting back into the routine.

    I agree with Julie 100%, get yourself some new winter running gear. The cold/dark mornings/nights are a bit depressing, but not when you've got all this new gear to try out. I'm going to kit myself out once I get paid and feeling really excited about it!

    Good luck x
  • Belinda, I did my first half marathon May 06 and straight after the race I said never again. By August 06 I had signed up for Ironman! Just sign up for a race and your'll soon get the bug back.

    Good Luck!
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