training session - sunday 23rd February

what: 15 mile pacing run in richmond park
why: I'd like to run at a constant pace - aiming for the sub 5 group despite being a 'plodder'
last rest: yesterday
last hard: last week

v happy that both myself and girlfriend havd pulled ourselves out of flu/cold and feel fine and ready for this. crossing fingers that I can stay the pace.


  • Enjoy 3TL - the scenery's great - just watch out for the hill!!
  • Morning all, a slight twinge in the knee, but thoroughly enjoyed my meal out, plus champgagne, Pimms, Wine, and Sambuca post long run! Yum, and amazingly, no hangover! Also quaffed two big bottles of mineral water and munched on much pasta.
    What: Circuits/swim/steam and sauna
    Why: Feel good and have some time to myself

    Thanks for all the well dones on the long run yesterday. This thread is so encouraging. Good luck everyone today
  • Getting a bit emotional there! Thanks to drew, and hilly, and Achilles, Marmite and family, the man from Runner's need who sold me the trainers etc etc
  • Taxi for sorry, Snicks.

    I'm off for a twenty around Kinsgton - should be twenty two but tricky to do on the loop we're doing.

    I've had this chesty cough hanging around all week, not sure I should run really. I had an easy Sunday to break things up a bit last week, bad timing really - if it were this Sunday that would be fine, but I can't miss two on the trot.
  • Good luck all races.

    What : Head Race in Nottingham
    why : 1st 8's race of the season for the club, good competition are there
    Last Hard : wednesday or was it yesterday?
    Last Rest : Friday

    Got a 5k fitness (rowing) test on wednesday so something to look forward to in the week as well
  • Morning All

    What: Tunbridge Wells Half
    Why: Because I am mad and I like hills NOT!!!!

    Last Rest: Yesterday
    Last hard: Will definitely me today
  • Morning.

    What: 3 miles easy
    Why: Recovery from yesterdays long 'un
    Last Rest: Friday
    Last Hard: Yesterday
  • Morning everyone.

    What: 6 miles easy
    Why: recovery from Saturday long run
    Last rest: Friday
    Last hard: Saturday
  • Morning All!!
    what-enforced rest >>sulking loudly!!<<
    why-went over on left foot yesterday,pulled muscle?
    last rest-today >>chunter chunter!!<<
    last hard-2hrs 40 yesterday

    Was going really well too and feeling good!
    Anyway have a good un you lot and Enjoy
  • Well after a couple of glasses of orange juice, 2 cups of coffee, a banana, an orange and lashings of marmite-on-toast (goes without saying really doesn't it?), I'm starting to feel human again owing to......

    What: 22-23 miler (in about 2:50ish)
    Why: FLM
    Last hard run: Today, no question
    Last rest day: Thursday

    Felt fine through about 17 miles then flagging a bit for the final section.

    Best of luck all racing today.

    Any forumites planning to be at the Stafford 20 on 9th March?
  • MM-fantastic effort, a big well done!

    Snicks-LOL also enjoy your multi session!

    Mr.C-hope the foot is ok and won't keep you off running too long!

    Everyone racing-good luck and look forward to your reports of success!!

    What:5 mile recovery run in beautiful sunshine.
    Why:couldn't do much else after yesterday's long run and no time to fit swimming in today.
    Last hard:yesterday for length of time on my feet.
    Last rest:Friday

  • Good going all.

    Well for me a dissapointing run, planned 18 miles at easy pace, but have a niggle in right knee so made 12 miles only, but now I listen to my body where as in the past I try and run it off, and them im off longer.

    What: 12miles

    Why: Sunday are long runs ( but not today )

    Last Rest: Friday

    Last Hard: Thursday

    Waiting to read race reports later
  • Lot's of hard training being done this weekend it's good to see.

    What: Long run 20M
    Why: End of three weeks of hard training.
    Last hard: Yesterday.
    Last rest: Fri.

    The National XC at Parliment Hill yesterday was very very tough!
    I'm in shape to run about 56-57min for 10M, yet it took me 51:55min to race 12K [7.5M]. Which goes to show how hard the course was. The thick mud & all those hills. Not forgetting the ditch & so many runners probably around 2000 in the senior men's race!!!!
    On the positive side I got to line up next to one of my hero's [Rob Denmark]I beat someone I've not beaten before but lost out in the sprint to another I would have loved to have beaten [I've not beaten him before either].
    I think/hope I made the top 360 but will find out soon.
    That's the end of the xc season for me & definitely my best ever.
    Next year's National is Roundhay Park in Leeds with "hill 6" I can't wait!!!!!!!!
    I'm off to South Africa next weekend to relax & train hard some more.
    :) Tim
  • hi everyone -

    Snicks - the celebrations sound every bit as demanding as the long run!

    MM - good to have you back. well done on the big one.

    Mr C. - bad luck, hope you recover quickly.

    what: 24 miles in 2:46:something, dodging droves of RW team-in-training folks round Richmond Park.
    why: was meant to be 20 but felt like adding the extra. no doubt I'll regret it tomorrow.
    last rest: Thursday
    last hard days: yesterday (fartlek) and Friday (tempo intervals) - not a good idea.

  • Speedy-sorry you had a disappointing run, but well done for listening to your body. As you say far better to cut short a run than to make things worse. Best wishes!

    Big Time-excellent performance yesterday you sound as if you thoroughly enjoyed that race, as tough as it was! Also, well done on your long run today. I don't know how you guys manage the kind of training you do!-Enjoy S Africa!

    Achilles-more fantastic running and on top of those other sessions. Hope you plan to rest tomorrow:)
  • Thanks hilly
  • 22 miles around Kingston in 3:01, which annoys me - I did 22 round a much hilleier route two weeks ago five minutes faster :(

    Never mind, had this chesty cold this week so what the hell.

    Great runs guys - keep them coming!!
  • Speedie, Mr Creosote, I hope you're both better soon.

    Sounds like lots of fantastic efforts today. Achilles, MM, Iain, Snicks, Big Tim, you are all just amazing.

    Well, I've been out too...
    What: Long slow run, on the upside of 16 miles, in just over 3 hours.
    Why: Got a marathon in 7 weeks.
    Last hard day: Today.
    Last rest day: Friday.
    I made the mistake of setting off too quickly (as in, 5.5 miles of 10-minute miling) and my legs seized up a bit when I made a scheduled stop to buy a bottle of water. The last 2.5 miles, straight into the wind, were laborious and I felt a bit nauseated at the end so there ae clearly fuelling issues to be sorted out.
  • Hi all, fantastic running by everyone!

    Just finished steady 20 miles in 3 1/4hrs. First 12km uphill, the rest over undulating sandy forest trails, still some icy bits where the sun doesn't get through the trees. On course still for FLM. John's still out there somewhere, didn't catch up with me today! It was one of those days I call an 'Ironman' day - felt like I could go on for ever.

    Last hard: definitely today.
    Last rest: Thursday.
    Last easy: yesterday.
  • Impressive as usual, people. And by contrast....

    Today I shall be mostly having a rest.
  • Awesome stuff today again I see !

    Thanks for the ankle thoughts Hilly / Achilles ... have I been winging that much ?? Ice + occasional iboprofen + stretching calves, hamstrings, going back to the same shoe model etc and being sensible about power work are enabling a gradual recovery over the last 2 months whilst maintaining training. My "truth tests" are the first steps out of bed in the morning, and first 5 min of running as things loosen out - both show steady imrovement. It's more a case of taking steps to prevent it becoming more than a big niggle.

    Decided not to do a planned 10 k race pace run today as speed definitely stresses the system, and went for a long slow run instead. Glorious conditions. Steve Wright on the radio followed by Desert Island disks made it all very relaxed.

    What: 20 miles in 2:30 ish
    Last hard : yesterday
    Last rest : Friday
  • Afternoon peeps.

    What: RW paced 15 (14.5) in Richmond Park, 4.30 group, 10.15 pace.
    Why: Need to try to get a feel for the pace
    Last hard: before today, Wednesday
    Last easy: yesterday's rest

    Completed the two laps in around 2.24 which was well inside the target time for the pace, assuming it was actually 14.5 miles. That was including time taken to walk up THAT hill on the first lap and needing to take a couple of short walk breaks during the second lap - did run THAT hill (just) second time round though.

    Achilles, hope we didn't hold you up. Someone running against the flow did seem to recognise my 'unofficial' t-shirt, was that you?
  • Saw some of your clubmates Murf running around Kingston - am I right in thinking you're an Oddball (local running club for those who think I'm just being offensive!!)

    The hill is an absolute swine, one reason Ihate running Richmond!
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    Some impressive running today & Snicks have I detected an increased level of happines & satisfaction in your posts over the past few weeks? You sound on top of the world anyway!

    What: 21 miles in just over 2:30, with final 3 miles at sub 7 min mile pace. Felt I could have continued for another few miles but didn't want to. Not quite up to the pace I was running at this time last year but definitely getting there.
    Why: Weekly long run in preparation for FLM
    Last Hard: today
    Last rest: Last Saturday
  • Excellent Drew, glad your long run went well. You'll be back to full pace in no time!
  • FRB - not an Oddball but an Allsorts. Close but not quite the same!
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    Thanks Hilly!
  • 13 miles run/walk
    After a weekend on call
    No food before(due to work)
    2 hrs 37 minutes
    And spring seems to have sprung!!
  • What : An hour at long run speed
    Why : an hour is my long run at the mo'

    Considering my long run used to be 3 hours - this just is not very good

  • What: Bramley 10 Mile Race (1:00:43)
    Why: Clubs 'flagship' race, good one to break myself back into after long holiday
    Last Hard: Today
    Last Rest: Friday

    Well pleased with my time! was on for breaking the hour up to mile 7, but then got a killer stitch, and suffered for the next 2, dropping about 15secs/mile. Recovered for the last when the highly charitable Pete Aked paced me in, getting my last mile well under 6 minutes (Thanks mate! If you see this...). I seem to be responding better to this lower mileage, so I might just stick with it. Hopefully Im good for a sub 1:23 Half, I'll have to see...
    Only bad news is about 20 minutes after I finished, I tried to put my jogging bottoms on and my hamstring tightened up to a painfull level & felt like a d@mned rock. Hope its not a tear, as it occured well after the race, and under no force to speak of, so tommorows massage might help sort it out.

    Good runs on here guys, have a good one!
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