IM France

Will be competing in Snowdonia marathon on sunday and am already feeling that afterwards I will be bored and demotivated. Think that an IM will offer me somewhat of a new challenge and was wondering what people think of IM france as a first timers event.

Cheers peeps


  • Rosey and Rich have done it. Its not the easiest I think ?

    Sea swim, then up into the mountains with twisty roads, and then the run is along the prom there with the sun baking you.

    Looks v pretty though and certainly a challenge.
  • quite hard, but you can do it if you train
  • I'd like to try IM France one day, but not untill 2008 at the earliest.
  • So not the best for a youngster, ok which ones are slightly easier for first time, don't think I wanna do UK, I like the idea of going abroad for the event and I need to be after 8th of June since I have uni exams then.
  • Unfortunately you'll be hard pushed to find a European one thats not full yet.
  • Yeah it seems that way, maybe France it will have to be then. I'm a student so I do have a lot of time on my hands so fitting in training shouldn't be a problem. What's the maximum hours you guys usually train? Got an idea that base training is about 10 hours but what about when your trying to get properly race fit
  • Switzerland is the only real option open to you then.

    Nice is good but is a toughie, got easier this year with the bike course change but to be honest both Nice and Switz hav ethe same amount of real climbing. The only difference was the heat. Nice was 40 deg and Switz was 35.

    Take your pick ;-)
  • 10-18 should be more than enough. But everyones different, if you an do more without overtraining do more. if you can do well on less do less.
  • Ok cool, thanks guys.

    I've not really done any triathlon before. I used to swim competively so I'm alright on that front and running isn't too bad. How much do you reckon I would need to spend to put together the right cycling equipment? What sort of things do you find help cycling training
  • £500 gets an entry level bike, people have been successful on ones costing a lot more and a lot less than that. I think you just have to ride it a lot. Apparently.

    How about florida?
  • bikewise I think I will try and get hold of a decent secondhand bike. My friend does a lot of cycling and knows his way around a bike better than me, but he said he'd help. I've also seen in the back of triathlon mags you can get all in one packages which contain wet suits, bikes and a few out bits and peices, are these deals generally any good??

    I guess, I just thought that I would probably need a bit of time to acclimatise in Florida or anywhere outside europe, but I guess it's a possibility. Many of you guys been outside europe to compete.

  • don't worry about acclimatisation - what happens on the day happens - it can be roasting hot, or peeing down - just take the weather as it comes...........

    for many of us who did IMCH in 2005 - it was 30c+ - stifling heat but we managed OK

    thos who did IMDE this year had similar heat but more humid and late thunderstorms early and late

    Florida will I suspect be similar in heat but probably windier........amd enough of us fools are heading ther in 2008!!

    all in package deals are not bad, but there is no choice - you take what you are given - so make sure the wetsuit fits, and the bike fits before you sign up.............
  • Well I've just entered Switzerland after an afternoon of deliberation. Awesome stuff, haha
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    FB - Florida could be cooler though - I hope! It's the end of hurricane season though isn't it, or the beginning, so potentially windy. hmmm. Maybe I'll convince BtS that he doesn't really want his IM debut to be in Florida.
  • could be cooler, could be hotter, could be windier, could be flat calm............why worry?? once you've signed on the dotted line you can't influence the weather!

    HJ - good choice IMCH - cracking event - but make sure you bike train on hills 'cos those Swiss hills hurt on Lap 3
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    FB - yes I know, and I won't worry really. The wind'll be behind us part of the way anyway, and it's all flat. easy peasy.
  • i've never noticed wind in florida, and i've been there several times, working and racing. even a holiday once, although it was sh*t as we had to go to orlando
  • wasn't that a womble?
  • no, i'm thinking of orinoco. as you were.
  • Tee hee hee !

    <makes note not to go on the ergo mystery coach tour to Austria>
  • thought that was Enya
  • Hurricane season is over by the time IM Florida occurs.
  • And thanks to global warming, we had hardly any hurricanes this year compared to last year. If the trend keeps up there won't be any hurricanes in a few years I reckon.
  • actually, i've just remembered that 'orlando' was the name of the small dog in the book "The Children of Green Knowe", for anyone that might be interested.
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    orlando was also a very famous marmalade cat
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