Iron Depletion and Fatigue

I have been running for just over a year and have completed one marathon and was training for my second. About six weeks ago I started feeling very fatigued and had no energy or motivation to run.

Blood tests have shown that my ferritin levels are low but my haemoglobon levels are fine. My doctor doesn't believe that low ferritin levels should cause fatigue.

I am now taking iron supplements but have been told it will take 3 months to get my ferritin levels back to normal.

Has anyone else ever had this problem?


  • I dont have bllod tests

    yeah, of COURSE it would make a difference
    maybe not to your average couch potiato, but to a runner yes it DOES

    hope you are getting on ok with the supps
    also-haemoglobin levels are relative
    you can bein the normal range but low for you
    i am sure the iron will help-am assuming its your periods, and that you have a good varied diet ??
  • Hippo,

    Thanks for the response. Yes it is my periods. I am currently looking at options for treating them.

    Any idea how long it will take before I start to feel better?

    My Hg was 12, I cant remember what my ferritin was but the doc said it was very low.
  • 3 months is about right for ferritin to go normal
    but about 4-6 weeks to notice effect

    12 for Hb isnt bad
    i did notie a differencr when mine was 111.8
    but, if you are best with a Hb of 13-then you will notice
  • I been taking the pills for 2 weeks so far. I haven't run properly for 5 weeks so I am really looking forward to feeling better. :)

  • well good luck pet
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