Jimmys back

Children's television show Jim'll Fix It is returning after an absence of 12 years, it has been announced.
Presenter Sir Jimmy Savile will reprise his role of making young people's dreams come true on the UKTV Gold show, Jim'll Fix It: Now and Then.

Adults who were featured on the original show as children will appear on the new six-part programme, and their "fix-its" revisited.

The long-running series was on air from 1975-94.

Sir Jimmy, who turns 80 next week, said: "This is something I've been thinking of doing for some time.


  • Now then, now then. As it 'appens. The question is will he be still be able to smoke one of those huge cigars on telly?
  • will he be allowed you mean?
  • Dear Jim

    Please can you fix it for me to be grammatically correct on t'internet?

    Best Wishes


    age 40+
  • Now then Now then I'm jimmy Savile i Tell you i am jimmy

  • Are you sure you're not Fred Elliot? I say are you sure.........
  • Hows about, hows about, jewellery, jewellery, jingle, jangle.

    Did he ever get in trouble for those rumours about being friendly with young children?
  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭
    Never forgave him for not "fixing" it for me aged 10 to visit a felt tip pen making factory!

    Nor the fact he was ahead of me in the 2000 GNR, he was walking and I was plodding!
  • A boy in our class went on it to fulfil his ambition of bidding in a stamp auction.

    Lawks - and I went to a state school too!!!
  • God his cigars stink!!!! He started the 10K and half marathon in Glasgow last year. My boyfriend at the time was doing the 10K, and I was doing the half. I was cheering my ex on and got a lungful of Sir Jimmy's smoke....JUST what you want right before running 13.1miles. If he smokes on TV, guaranteed Injury Lawyers 4 U will be all over Jimmy's wee fix it pals to sue Jimmy for compensation incase of lung cancer!
  • That may be so, but you'll never suffer horrific facial injuries in a car crash thanks to the great man's advice. All together now..........
  • and don't say 'This is The Age..............of The Train'
  • HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAA! Thank god someone else remembers that! Most of my mates think I'm nuts as I remember that advert and they don't...at all!
  • Yes Kirrie.

    An 80 year old man, putting children on his knee on a big armchair and smoking in their faces - he should be LOCKED UP.

    Had this thread on local radio this morning.They were encouraging people to text in who didn't get fixed !

    Also I understand that as well as re-visiting some fix-its, they are going to do some of the original ones that were turned down.

    So 40 year olds will be whisked off to the set of Thunderbirds or given the chance to appear in a pop-band... Hang on they are already doing that in Boy-band revisited aren't they !??!
  • I'd like to be in a pop band...... preferably The Pussycat Dolls ;-)
  • I asked to meet Queen...hope he doesn't fix that one for me - Freddie Mercury croaked it years ago!

    Maybe he can fix it for me to sit in Keifer Sutherlands lap on that big armchair.
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