Roll Up, Roll Up... The Biggest Show in Town

I know we can all expect to have bad days, but to run 7 miles about the same amount of time that you normally do 8 on a 'fast' day cannot be good!

I got home from work, slapped on my pearly white DS Trainers which hve stood me in good stead for the last 2 fast runs I 've done and booomm (or splash!)

31 days to go... Will he or won't he? You decide (Sorry, still firmly into Big B lingo!)


  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    Jon, I think you're right. We all have bad days, some more than others! I wouldn't worry about unless it becomes a common occurrence and anyway, you shouldn't be running fast on every run, it's just not good for you. Sometimes slow is good.

    Have you fully recovered from your last hard day or hangover?

    Will he won't he? Of course you will.
  • I take it 31 days is Windsor. I'm going to really take the p!ss out of you at the finish after all this self doubt stuff when your young bones finish 5 minutes before me.

    Don't be so soft youngster.
  • Sorry... Drew, I don't run fast every time, jsut thought that last night was one of those 'I feel good, therefore I am good' days!

    BK... Urm.... NO!!!
  • No to which bit in particular
  • Your 5 minute gag! Funny! I'm now realistically thinking 1:40- 1:45... Hope is gradually slipping away!

    Being a little negative this am... I'm sure it won't last long!
  • 1:40 is not exactly a disaster. If its 1:45 I'll try and keep up with you
  • Buddy... I think I'll have to lasso you and come along for the ride (if thats ok!)
  • PB was 1:45:43 at Burnham Beeches so I don't want to slow you down if you have expectations of a certain time. If you want company then that's fine
  • Help!!! Not getting any better! Pulled up after a relatively sedate mile with cramp... Negative thoughts develop further!
  • Switch the brain off, steeeetch, slow down and think of England. Look on the bright side you'll run faster than you're lift and then be walking home. See you at Windsor youngster.
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    I do believe the youngster is getting nervous already....

    ...and getting his excuses in early...
  • Things are starting to look up again! 9 miles on friday. Started off steady for 7 miles, then whoosh! last two miles in 14 minutes... Quite happy with that... Just wanted to see how much I had left in the tank!

    Went to play cricket for 2 hours after that... Stiff all day saturday! Oops
  • Connected to the cricket we hope. good to hear you more positive.. now we can get back to bouncing threads back up the list when they should have died days ago.
  • Urm... Still stiff! Ran a wholesome 2 miles on the treadmill before collapsing in a heap of Jon-ness! Ah well! Not too concerned about this one as I expected a crap one due to cricket!
  • Uh oh! I think this might be a mental brickwall that I must get over!

    This week I've done... 1 great 8 miler and 2 really, really, really bad 2 milers! The 2 miler last night was intended to be a slow 10 miler aswell!!! Is the pressure of performing well destroying all my good work?

    Sympathy always works.
  • You're a nasty man!

    I just can't seem to do it though
  • Jon,

    Get a grip young man!!!

    Take a day off, or two, or three if necessary. If you're putting pressure on yourself then stop it and relax. I'm pretty damn sure that you will get through the big W with flying colours so stop fretting.

    I still reckon you'll crack 1.40, which is a time an oldie like me can only fream of at the moment.

    RELAX MAN!!!
  • 'fream'???? where's the edit function???
  • Forced to agree with RB
    rest and relax
  • Whaddya mean 'forced'???

    It should be a natural thing to agree with me!!!!

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