Pericarditis and running

Hi All!

I have always been a fit and healthy person, and have always run. About 2.5 years ago I managed to end up with pericarditis...which wasn't diagnosed properly (very long story)...eventually I ended up in and out of hospiatl and in intensive care. Following a long course of steroids (which I did not want to take and have suffered all sorts of probelms with) I got better but have had several relapses.

My experience with the NHS and the follow up care and advice I have received has been non-existant. No-one seems to know why I got it, what is causing the continual relapses....and when I will ever be fully better. I have had to push for an MRI, Echo's etc - but nothing shows up.

I have continued to try and run when I have been well, listening to my own body...but I get very tired easily and my times are certainly not as fast. I also have continual chest pains (quite concerning when you are running!).

I would love to hear from anyone else who has/is/ or knows someone else suffering from this. Any advice? Next steps?

Willow x


  • My husband had pericarditis a few years ago, and was advised to lay off vigorous exercise until fully recovered. However he didn't have any kind of relapse. He is fully healthy now, and did a half this weekend. You will get better and you will run again normally. If the ECG is fine, and you are being sensible, then it seems to me carry on with what you are doing.

    I would say run little and often, and forget about pace altogether, it's enough pressure just to run let alone worry about times.

    Good luck with the recovery!
  • Thanks!

    It seems most people never have relapses - guess I'm just unlucky! I will just try to keep positive....and keep up the running when I can.
  • hiya willow  i had pericarditis about 3 months ago and i seem to be suffering similar symptoms   like you.  i was wondering if your situation eventually resolved itself?                 cheers woodchip
  • Hi, just had pericarditis myself, I had a good experience with the NHS though, quick diagnosis and prompt treatment. I have read that treatment with steroids gives a much greater likelihood of recurrence so they don't use them anymore. I'm being treated with gout medication colchicine and ibruprofen. Don't know when I'll be running again though, not a pleasant experience, thought I was having a heart attack!
  • Hi, I was diagnosed with the awful condition 5th May. I was training for my first Sprint Triathlon and everything was going fine. Felt a bit unwell a day after a spinning class , then just woke up just after midnight in the most uncomfortable pain lasting for 5 hours. Diagnosed with this and have not really had much help til 3 weeks ago when I have had to have another dose of the Colchicine. Also having to take ibuprofen daily to ease the back /chest pain. Got an appointment with the Cardiologist in September .The doctors said as I was very fit when it happened you tend to have more severe symptoms. I have started counting my steps each day and go for a little swim each week. I am desperate to get back to living my life and want any advise , I am 51 and had so much planned . Very frustrated Lady. Thanks
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