The Beaver

For anyone interested entry now open, just sent mine off.


  • hmmmmmmmmmm
  • What you hmmmmmming at?
  • never mind the beaver

    have you entered the 'woody' yet like what you promised you would

    i talked another BVHer/BRAT into entering last night.

    thats 3 of us now

    well it will be when you have entered...

  • It's not a stern hmmmmmm saying I should have saved my dosh for TBW is it?
  • X-post

  • Ah too late with the last post. May enter woody, may not. Keep you on tender hooks. Who else is interested?
  • glynn.

  • Not sure I know Glynn, probably recognise him. Ok, you KNOW I've entered TBW. Had a major splurge today entered Beaver, TBW, Winter trail run series and completed BVH application form. Entries for Stratford marathon in April become live tomorrow as well. Think I've got cabin fever from this sick time.
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