treadmill running

whats the best incline to replicate outdoor running as im on holiday for 2 weeks and will possibly be only running on treadmill


  • I think a setting of about 1 compensates for the wind and rain. Any higher than this depends on how hilly your route is normally.
  • I'll see your 'rain?', wickett, and raise you a question mark.


    Keep it flat, unless you want to do some hills. The small incline thing only replicates running up a small incline with a tailwind. True, it can make the numbers on the tready match the speed on the road at a given effort level, but why bother?

    If you DO want to bother, the incline needed depends on the speed you run.
    <a href="">This link</a> will tell you how.
  • I use 1 to 1.5%. Any less feels weird. There again, we don't have any flat land round here.
  • Try this killer treadmill workout:

    Warm up first.
    Programme the maximum speed you'd usually run at, and run at that speed with no incline for 1 min.
    Then decrease the speed by 0.1 but increase the incline by 0.1
    Run at this for 30 sec.
    Repeat the 0.1 decrease / increase and 30s intervals for as long as you can, so you end up running slower but uphill.
  • Don't bother with inclines unless you want to replicate running up inclines. Depending on how well the tready is calibrated will depend on whether the speed it says it's going it actually is, so don't worry about trying to compensate.

    If you feel you aren't making the same effort as your road running, run faster.
  • I find running on a slight incline easier on the legs. Rather than train by pace why not train by Heart Rate instead. Most treadies these days facilitate this!
  • thanks very much for all the replies
  • I use treadmills for my speedwork and hill work, try running on a treadmill under an air conditioning unit like at my gym, with the cold air blowing in your face for thirrty seconds every three and a half minutes it feels like your running as in a windy day, also refreshing if you swet like a dog like i do
  • I do all my speedwork on a treadmill and find it so much easier that out on the road. It makes me do the distance and speed wheras if i was out on the road its just so easy to stop and have a breather. I use a 1% incine on all runs.
  • im off to jamaica jj
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